Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring in Michigan


With the holidays only a couple months away now is the perfect time to get your home ready for guests.  A popular upgrade in homes is luxury vinyl tile flooring or LVT for short, it is extremely durable and easy to maintain plus comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring in Michigan

Why should you choose LVT flooring in Michigan?  This flooring system has many advantages over traditional flooring systems and the finished product can look like almost any of the other flooring systems like:

  • Hardwood floors or planks
  • Laminate tiles
  • Stone or ceramic tiles
  • Modern vinyl floors

Installation of LVT Flooring

The LVT flooring is much faster to install than other flooring choices and is extremely durable.  A huge advantage to using luxury vinyl tile is installed using a layer system:

  1. Bulk PVC underlay – the base layer forms the majority of the flooring and helps make it resistant to dents and moisture.
  2. Design layer – this component contains a realistic image that resembles the look of real ceramic, stone and even hardwood.
  3. Protective layer – this top layer helps each tile resist wear, stains, abrasions and adds texture to the surface for an authentic feel.

This layer system allows for a cost effective install and the design to last much longer and to always stay in place even in high-traffic areas like hallways and entrances.  When choosing flooring for certain areas in the house make sure you know the main purpose of the area and choose something that will be durable for years to come.

At LVT Flooring Michigan the staff all have a vast knowledge of installation, repair, and removal of all types of flooring systems.  They can help you pick a flooring that works best for you and your home, don't be afraid to ask questions because your satisfaction is their top priority as you'll be enjoying the new floor for years to come.

Since LVT is durable it is easy to maintain using a few simple tips including:

  • protective pads on furniture
  • door mats to help keep excess dirt and moisture off the floor
  • sweep often to remove loose dirt that may cause abrasions

For your flooring upgrades contact LVT Flooring Michigan.

LVT Flooring Michigan

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