How to Make the First Day of School Easy


The first day of school is scary for everyone – new teachers, new class members, new things to learn and new routines.  For some, like my daughter, children are off to brand new schools and riding the bus which can cause some stress when it comes to back to school.  We all remember those days, I remember every new school I attended as the new girl in town, sometimes kids can be cruel but every once in awhile you find a lifelong friend!

This year Cheyenne is off to fourth grade in the middle school while Dustin is off to Kindergarten!  They're both off to new beginnings and I couldn't be prouder.

seven ways to make the first day of school easy

I've come up with seven ways we can support our kids in making the frist day of school easy!

  1. Be Prepared – get everything ready the night before the first day!  That means helping the kids pick what they'll wear, lunches packed or money for the cafeteria and backpacks ready to go.  Don't forget to get a good night's sleep, I like to give the kids some Melatonin to help them drift off to sleep easily.
  2. Practice Your Locker Combination – help the kids learn their locker combination so they can get it the first (or maybe second) try and avoid embarrassment.
  3. Eat a Good Breakfast – no matter how nervous or tired they are in the morning starting the day off with a good meal is important for energy and brain power!  I like to get up early and make their favorites before the first day or you can try simple things like yogurt, oatmeal or even a smoothie.
  4. Be Friendly – a first impression lasts forever, so encourage the kids to put a smile on and be approachable, maybe you can even arrange for the kids to go with some of their friends to the first day.
  5. Be Yourself – this was the best advice I got going to new schools, be your true self and others can take it or leave it.  Don't change to fit into the crowd, being an individual who is proud of who they are will take your further in life than being cool.
  6. Don't Judge Your Teachers – this is more for the parents, we leave heavy impressions on our kids so be positive and upbeat about their new class placements.  Remember it is the teachers first day too so give them a chance, look at them when they're speaking and be respectful.
  7. Be Your Child's Biggest Fan – as a parent we know how our children work and what makes them happy so be as encouraging as you can to help them ease the stress on the first day.  Afterschool be prepared to listen and ask meaningful questions to keep the conversation open and flowing.


Starting the first day of school off with a positive attitude will set the tone for the rest of the year.  School is all about life experience and learning it doesn't matter what you've heard about your teacher or even who you sit by in class it is all about being in the moment.

Everyone experiences school differently and if you encourage your kids to have an open mind and positive attitude they'll go far!

What's your best back to school tip?

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