Getting Started With Internet Phone Calls: Make Phone Calls Throughout the World for Free


An internet phone call is any call made using an internet connection like broadband or Wi-Fi. For example, when you call someone through a social media platform calling service or a mobile app, that’s usually considered an internet phone call. In the quest to lower phone call rates, many people have turned to internet calls for personal and business calls. In 2017, there were up to 1 billion internet phone call users.

How Internet Phone Calls Work

Making a phone call through the internet uses VoIP technologies. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) sends voice and video data through the internet’s infrastructure instead of the traditional landline infrastructure. The VoIP service provider routes (forwards) your phone calls, and may offer added features to your phone service plan like voicemail, call forwarding, call blocking, etc.

Internet phone calls are so much cheaper than landline phone calls, especially for international calls.

How To Make Free Internet Calls

Internet calls only require an internet connection and an internet-enabled device (e.g., smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop). Then you can call anyone anywhere in the world.

  • Some VoIP service providers require you to purchase a VoIP adapter to route the phone calls. You will then pay a monthly fee to use the platform. But there are great VoIP options that do not charge for calls. You only need to pay your monthly taxes.
  • Other VoIP service providers require you to download their app. To use these apps, both the caller and the one being called need to have installed and signed into the application.
  • Some excellent VoIP service providers allow you to make free internet phone calls without the need for your friend to install the provider’s application. These are the cheapest and most hustle-free VoIP options for calling any smartphone, landline, or computer.
  • Other VoIP service providers facilitate cheap online calls through web browsers, but with some limitations. To offer free internet calls, some providers use low-quality routes and limit the call durations.

Are Internet Calls Reliable?

VoIP technologies have evolved remarkably to provide a decent voice and video quality. The reliability of an internet phone call depends on two things:

  • The service provider’s resources
  • Your internet connection

 Superior VoIP service providers use HD (high-definition) sound which uses more data. However, some internet call providers find a way to provide high-quality sound, while using low data. Data use is only a problem when using broadband internet. When placing your call through Wi-Fi, you don’t need to worry about the bandwidth cost of high-quality sound.

The stability of your internet connection affects the quality of your call. For the best call experience, always use a high-speed internet connection.

Are Internet Calls Secure?

Internet phone service providers ensure the integrity of your calls by enforcing end-to-end encryption for all communication in their platform. Even when you use public Wi-Fi to place your call, nobody can listen in on your conversation through the network.

Always make sure that your internet phone service provider encrypts the calls. If you need more security assurance for your calls, use secured Wi-Fi connections, and a Virtual Private Network to protect your call even further.

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