Genetic Home Test Kits: Great Gift Idea for the Family


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Genetic home testing kits are proving to be incredibly popular gift options between friends and family members. For starters, DNA testing kits provide the answers to the pressing questions of family heritage and ancestry. Various DNA services are currently available, and they allow users to dig deeper into their past, connecting the lines between erstwhile relatives and family members. Among others, users can enjoy many benefits from genetic test kits such as health testing, exported results, family tree history, and more. Best of all, personal DNA testing is possible from the comforts of home. It is 100% painless – no needles or blood required. Plus, these DNA test kits are affordable and they provide fascinating insights into your heritage.

What are the benefits of testing your DNA?

Everyone wants to know a little more about where they came from, their family tree, ethnicity, and health-related matters. Luckily, DNA testing has gone mainstream and this means that affordable services are now available to anyone, anywhere. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the blueprint embedded in every one of us, and it is what makes us different from one another. However, families share DNA patterns and this makes for fascinating insights into heritage. Collecting a DNA sample is easily done. You simply need to swab your cheek with a cotton swab, or provide saliva for a test tube in stabilization liquid, and then place the sample in the envelope provided by the DNA testing company. It's that simple and it’s painless.

Naturally, this is a great gift idea and one which has gained popularity with people across the United States, Europe, and beyond. Choosing DNA testing kits requires a little reading. One of the industry leaders is 23andMe, appropriately named after the 23 chromosome pairs that humans have.  23andMe reviews indicate that this company has established itself as a power player in the industry. Some of the advantages you get to enjoy with the service include comprehensive test results, a large database comprising millions of names, a range of options, and positive overall customer reviews. Of course, these pros will have to be weighed against the disadvantages of the service, notably that it is not the most cost-effective solution, and it had some regulatory issues in the early days since DNA samples couldn't be shipped across state lines. Fortunately, the latter issues were resolved as regulatory licensing and approval came to pass.

How Much Will A Top-Tier DNA Test Set Me Back?

In terms of pricing, you can expect a 23andMe saliva DNA collection test to cost around $200, or currency equivalent. This California-based DNA testing company is owned and operated by several of the world's leading multinational conglomerates including Johnson & Johnson, Google Ventures, and the Roche Venture Fund. A myriad of genetic tests is available at 23andMe, which is definitely more enticing as a gift option than competing brands. For example, there are health services and ancestry services. Ancestry reports include the DNA family, Neanderthal ancestry, paternal haplogroups, maternal haplogroups, and ancestry composition. DNA relative finder is a nifty option (additional) which matches individuals with other members sharing similar DNA. This is a great way to find distant relatives, and get in touch with them.

The health reports component of the DNA test kits is particularly useful for people who are interested in medical genetics. These include 4 broad categories:

  1. Traits Reports – details 25 traits
  2. Wellness Reports – general health such as food, weight, sleep
  3. Carrier Status Reports – indicates if you are a carrier for certain genetic diseases
  4. Genetic Health Risk Reports – shows risk of certain diseases

Given that there are so many different test options available, this is proving to be a popular gift idea for husbands and wives, aunts and uncles, cousins and others. Few DNA testing kits provide quite as many tests as 23andMe, and this is precisely why this company is in the spotlight. The DNA testing kits require a vile/test-tube of saliva which contains cheek cells. After 6 – 8 weeks, the results will be provided and the exact genome can be read by matching genetics with known genotypes. Simply put you can expect high levels of accuracy with this DNA test kit. Most of us have a rather limited understanding of our genealogy, ancestry, ethnicity, and genetic risks. Fortunately, home-based DNA test kits are now readily available for purchase and they are solving the great ‘Rubik’s Cube’ conundrum of our DNA!

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