Frugal Phenom: 4 Secrets to Paying for Home Luxuries


Have you ever walked into a friend’s home and wondered how they afford their lavish lifestyle? They may be up to their neck in debt, or they may just know secrets you do not. It takes a little work, but you too can have luxury items within your budget.

Learn to Refinish and Refurbish

Furniture is the most costly item in your home, and everyone dreams of having sturdy, name-brand furnishings. You can score fantastic deals at thrift and consignment shops, at yard sales or even on the curb that only need some TLC to turn them into the treasures you crave for a fraction of the price.

Take Cooking Classes

If you love gourmet food, but cannot afford the prices, learn to make it yourself. You can pay for a local gourmet cooking class, or find classes online, sometimes even free. Making gourmet food at home is cheaper than you would imagine and you can be eating like a millionaire while impressing your friends and family with your mad skills.

Never Pay Retail

Haunt the clearance racks at high-end stores for the absolute lowest prices available. Find out what days they do markdowns and only buy what is at your absolute lowest price point.

You need to be flexible. You may not get exactly what you want by waiting until it is drastically marked down, but you will find some real steals if you are willing to settle for something close to your dream item.

One way to save a bundle on big-ticket items is purchasing during the off-season. For example, pool companies often have off-season sales where you can get a high-quality pool or spa installed by reputable professionals within your budget. Check with KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas or similar providers to see if they are running any seasonal promotions.

Trade Services for Goods

This works best in mom-and-pop stores, where owners are in total control of the pricing. For example, if you are a freelance writer and you find a store that has an out-of-date blog or social media page, ask if you can exchange writing blog or social media posts for merchandise.

If you are crafty, offer to make cute signs, menus or price tags for the store. If you have free time, offer to work in the store to pay for what you want. The key is to offer your work for standard, but fair prices according to your skill.

Do not settle for less than what you want because of the price. A champagne lifestyle on a beer budget is completely possible with a little creativity, hard work and flexibility.

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