Family Loss: 4 Healthy Ways to Grieve for a Loved One


Losing someone you love is one of the hardest things that you can go through. It could be an unexpected death, such as an accident, or an illness that you know will result in death but still comes when it's least expected. There are feelings that you will have that you might not be able to explain and those that might seem like are taking over the mind and your daily life, but there are healthy ways to deal with grief.

This is perhaps one of the best things that you can do after losing someone. Write down your thoughts, draw pictures and scream through your writing. It's a way to get your thoughts out of your mind without burdening someone else or letting others know what's going on with how you feel. Try to write down your feelings once a day or at least when you're feeling overwhelmed.

The Funeral Process
When someone you love dies, you should get involved with the funeral process. It could be helping in choosing the casket from a company like Elmwood Casket Company or helping to choose the flowers or the songs that will be intertwined with the service. If you are a part in saying good-bye, then it can be easier to let that person go in a way that is a bit healthier than simply waiting for visitation services and the funeral.

Become Passionate
If there is a charity or a special cause that the person enjoyed helping with, then focus the grief that you have on working with that passion as well. Do more while the person is alive in order to make a difference, learning about how your loved one interacted with the group and the best way to continue the service. This will keep you busy while keeping the memory of the person alive by helping others who are in need.

Embrace the Process
Death is a process of life, and you need to keep that in mind when someone you love dies. Embrace the events of death, knowing that the person is in a better state than being in pain or living in an older age. Once the person passes, you can use techniques to try to meditate and connect in various ways such as listening to the spirit connect with you.

Death is never something that is easy to deal with. However, instead of locking yourself away from the rest of the world, get involved with a passion that the person had, celebrating the life of the person instead of the passing. It's alright to cry, but it's also alright to laugh and smile as well while remembering the life that was lived.

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