Family Attractions: The Many Galleries and Museums of Jackson Hole


Jackson Hole is a playground for those who love to ski, hike, bike, run, and engage in a number of activities.  However, Jackson Hole has an urbane side to its charm that includes art appreciation. Those who take breaks from intense activity, enjoy shopping, visiting museums, and enjoying a variety of artistic expressions all within the Jackson Hole limits.

National Museum of Wildlife ArtNational Museum of Wildlife Art By Daniel Mayer (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

Wildlife Domesticated

Celebrating people, art, and wildlife is the goal of the National Museum of Wildlife Art.  The museum, respected for its permanent and expanding collection, specializes in capturing animals in the wild.  Over 5,000 works reside within the ornate museum that overlooks a 20,000-acre natural refuge.

Artists from Near and Far

The community’s respect and passion for art inspires local artists, frequently featured in Jackson Hole’s 25 art galleries.  Realize a new interest in a local artist or relive a passion an artist of international acclaim.

Gifts of Culture

Locals put their money where passions rest, donating and appropriately allocating funds toward a number of endeavors.  Funds, used to improve stage lighting and sound systems, salary for professional dance and arts teachers, re-designs of organization websites and portals, etc, come from local and national advocates.  For first and repeat visitors, continuous investment toward the arts produce more painting, plays, films, dance shows, and means of expression to enjoy with the family.

Hot Springs of Granite

Skis are needed for the slopes and a good pair of boots for the trails, yet all you need for a relaxing jaunt in the hot springs is time and a willingness to enjoy the wondrous sights.  Feast your eyes on the Bridger-Teton National Forest while sitting in a steamy natural bath.  Take note: The dirt road is closed and necessitates skis or a snowmobile for winter access.  After a dip in the hot springs, return to one of Jackson Hole luxury hotels to prepare for the next family attraction. 

Resort Fit for a King

The Snow King Resort, the first to open in the area in 1936, is a nice contrast from the modernized slopes and advancements of other places to stay.  Open all year, resort attendees enjoy dining, shopping, and a variety of concerts taking place.  Surrounded by the majestic mountains of Wyoming, this quaint mountain resort is a great place to retreat for a few hours or more than a week with the family.

 Rodeos, Cowboys, and Cowgirls

Saturday and Wednesday nights have been reserved for the rodeo since its inception in 1980.  Catch a glimpse of bull riding, lassoing, and barrel racing as it once was.  However, unlike some other ‘sports,’ rodeos go on whether it’s raining or shining on spectators, so be prepared for all types of weather. 

A Member of the Fair

Be among the many who attend the Teton County Fair, taking place from July 19-28.  Where else can you see pig wrestling, take carnival rides, and wrap it all up at the closing-day country concert?

Single, couples, and especially families, keep coming back to Jackson Hole.  Aside from an array of outdoor and intense activities, families enjoy shopping, eating, rodeos, and a wealth of fun-filled options surrounded by majestic mountains and welcoming locals.

Lillian Russell worked for several years for a travel agency. Now retired, she likes to do her own traveling, and then she writes about it online. Look for her posts on various websites and blogs today.

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