Emoji Universe: Plastic Stamps Review


With Emoji Universe Plastic Stamps it is easy to express your mood!  This plastic stamp set as long as it is one of happiness or love; there are no sad faces in this stamp collection, so all expressions are kept positive and airy! Whether teacher, parent or child, the inked stamps in this set are fun to use.

With many uses from teachers stamping worksheets to playing bingo this Emoji Universe Plastic Stamps set is a must have!

Features of the Emoji Universe: Plastic Stamps

  • Pre-inked
  • Stamping surface comes with a plastic seal
  • Comes in 10 faces in 5 different colours
  • Faces measure approximately 1” in diameter
  • Ages 3 years and up

Is the Emoji Universe: Plastic Stamps Worth Buying?

Each stamp in the set comes pre-inked, and contains enough ink for 215 smiley faces. Pre-inking eliminates the mess that can come with using an ink pad and makes them perfect for younger children to use. Once a stamp is empty, it could still be used with an ink pad.

The stamp set comes with 50 smiley face stamps – 10 different face designs with each stamp in five different colours:

  • pink,
  • purple,
  • red,
  • blue,
  • purple and
  • green

Not only can you match the smiley face to your mood at the time, but also in the colour you are feeling.  I like how each stamp is sealed with plastic, that way you know it won't be dried out when you open it.

There are many different uses for the Emoji Universe: Plastic Stamps, you'll be able to use them for years to come!

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