Easily Create Volume with the NuMe 32mm Curling Wand


I own a few NuMe products and I love each one of them from my straightener to blow dryer and now my new favorite the curling wands!  I was nervous at first to use a curling wand to style my hair because it seemed so complicated but really it is way easier than the old barrel curling irons I used to use.

NuMe 32mm Curling Wand

Meet my new 32mm Classic Curling Wand!  I'm in love!  in the tube you'll find a professional curling wand with a tourmaline-infused ceramic barrel and a heat resistant glove.  The 9-foot cord length, and the fact that it swivels makes styling your hair easy, you don't have to worry about it being too short or being close to a plugin.  The barrel heats up to 410°F making styling quick and easy.

Easily Create Volume with the NuMe 32mm Curling Wand

I can add volume to my hair with loose waves in about 10 minutes.  Styling is quick and easy with the 32mm Classic Curling Wand which means I can be up and out the door in about 30 minutes!  I usually get up and get ready before the kids are out of bed and now have my routine down which makes my mornings simple.  I know that when I take the extra few minutes to do something other than a messy bun with my hair I feel so much better about myself.

My tips to easily create volume:

  • Start with brushed hair, and if it hasn't been washed for a day or so even better
  • Add a little texture spray all over
  • Curl in sections, don't focus on being perfect but rather adding volume and subtle waves

If you're looking for more styling tips visit NuMe on Facebook and Instagram.

NuMe Classic Curling Wand

I highly recommend using the heat resistant glove when you're first experimenting with styling because you'll probably burn your fingers a couple times if you don't.  The 32mm wand is perfect for medium to long length hair. The clipless design gives you perfect crease-free curls.

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One thing I really like about NuMe is they have fabulous sales!  You can get your hands on any of their products at a reasonable price by waiting for the sale that fits your needs.

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If you're looking for a new style and something quick and easy you'll love the NuMe products!

What's your favorite quick hairstyle?

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