The Art of Beauty: Why You Need to Expose Your Kids to Art and Culture


As human beings, we are naturally creative. Art exposes us to different ways of looking at things, and makes us better, more thoughtful, and more caring people. Even from a very young age, children naturally love art, and live in a world of imagination. Exposing children to art provides a source of beauty and richness to their lives. In addition to the joy art brings to children, there are other documented benefits to exposing your kids to art and culture.

Encouraging children to learn about art allows them to understand the complexities of it while inspiring them to develop their creative side. For this reason, daycare programs should involve art in their curriculums to help children develop both intellectually and creatively. At the Kepler Academy daycare centre in Edmonton Canada, children are immersed into an exploratory curriculum that encourages both hands-on learning opportunities and the notion of learning through play. These methods have been shown to improve learning outcomes in children, time and again.

Left Brain/Right Brain Connection

The left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for logical thinking and analytical processes. This is the part of the brain that gets developed in school through math, reading, science, etc. The right hemisphere of the brain is what we use for emotional perception, intuition, and creative endeavors such as art. Sadly, this is where our school systems fail our children as school budgets get squeezed tighter and tighter.

These two hemispheres of our brain must work together for the brain to be fully efficient. Kids should be exposed to the arts and different cultures so that the right hemisphere is as developed as the left hemisphere. Only when both sides of the brain are working in tandem can the brain reach its full potential. Children who are exposed to the arts test higher in reading and writing because both sides of their brain are working to their full capacity.

Additional Benefits of Exposing Your Kids to The Arts

  • Children learn to think creatively with an open mind
  • Children learn that there is more than 1 right answer, and there are multiple points of view
  • Children exposed to different cultures learn to observe the world and discard preconceptions
  • Even children with emotional, physical, and learning disabilities can appreciate and enjoy art

Develop Bonds and Communication Between Parent and Child

Taking your child to a gallery with renowned artists, such as the Kelly Gallery, allows you to explore the artistic side of life together. Your child will learn to observe, analyze, and interpret what they see. You can discuss the art together and help children learn to express the feelings that art invokes in us all.


Introduce children to art and culture and you can spark their creative minds. You will have a meaningful impact on your relationship as you spend time exploring the beautiful world of art together.


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