Across the Atlantic: A Quick Guide to a European Vacation


If you're planning on a European vacation, you should prepare yourself for an utterly unforgettable experience. On this continent, there are so many rich and distinct countries and cultures. Whether you're visiting France, Germany, Belgium, Spain or somewhere else, you're bound to have a fantastic time. Here are four tips to make your European experience as memorable as possible.

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Learn a few new phrases

In many European countries, English is not an official language. However, you are still likely to encounter many people who speak it. That said, you should still do your best to learn a few basic conversational phrases in the languages of the countries you're visiting. These don't need to be extreme. They can be as basic as “How are you?” and “I would like…” This shows your appreciation and is a great way to communicate in a new way.

Go off the beaten path

There are plenty of must-see destinations in Europe, such as landmarks and monuments that you've seen in postcards. These are wonderful, but there's also something to be said for seeing things that aren't in the brochures. Ask around for hidden gems. You should also just take time to explore and see what sort of things you stumble across. There's a good chance you'll find the most memorable experiences of your vacation purely by accident.

Assimilate yourself in the culture

A vacation is a great time to forget about your day-to-day life and really feel like you're a part of another culture. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” The same goes for the rest of Europe. Strike up conversations with the locals, take note of their customs, and be adventurous. Your vacation will be all the more memorable if you're willing to step out of your comfort zone.

Take a guided tour

While visiting Europe is exciting, it can also be overwhelming. With so much to do and see, how do you know where to begin? If your aim is to really get out there and discover the wonders of Greece or see the marvels of Italy, then a guided tour could be the perfect solution for you. These tours are available in most countries and allow you to see the great sites the region has to offer. If you take a historical tour, you can also learn some things along the way.

We hope this has given you a good idea of how to have a great European vacation. By exploring as much as possible and opening yourself up to new experiences, you are bound to create everlasting memories.


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