6 Tips For Managing Your Child’s Toys


Parents-it is time to take your house back. Literally toys need to be put in their places so you can walk from room to room without getting a Lego or Barbie shoe stuck in your foot. I have fought the battle against the toy takeover and won (as much as you can win anything with kids in the house). Here are my tips to help you organize your child's toys and take back your house!

6 Tips For Managing Your Child's Toys


Bring in the totes. Plastic totes come in all colors and sizes and are another great way to house the toys that are spread around the house. Totes can be a home for dolls, dress up clothes, Hot Wheels, Legos and more. There are even thin long totes that can be stored under a bed so that they are organized and out of the way. It is also a good idea to get clear totes and bins so that it is easy for everyone, even kids that can’t read yet, to know where the toys belong.


Clothing Bar

Do you have a strange corner of a room that is just empty space? It is a good idea to hang a towel or curtain bar across this area to create impromptu closet space. This is something that would be perfect for hanging dress up clothes on hangers and keeping them nice and tidy while out of sight.


Plastic Bins

These are a necessity with toy organization. The three-tiered rack with the colorful plastic bins is a great option for organizing toys. By using things like this you can make sure that your child knows where everything goes and that everything has a place. Also, Plastic bins, such as those at Garland’s Inc., can help make it easy for even the youngest to help clean up. It is also a good idea to label your bins so that you and your kids know the proper place for every toy.


Shoe Organizers

Shoe organizers are not only perfect for shoes, they are an inexpensive option for organizing toys. These cloth or plastic organizers can be hung on the inside of a closet door and the shoe pouches are perfect for holding dolls, toy cars, stuffed animals, or other small objects. This is a super easy way to hide your child’s toys in a manner that is tidy and organized.




Hidden Storage

Let your furniture do double duty. Ottomans can function as furniture as well as toy storage. A storage bench is also great for holding games and other toys. By doing things like this you can keep your home clean and stylish. No one will ever know that your furniture doubles as a toy box.


Pencil Pouches

Teachers request these on school supply lists for a reason; they are great for keeping supplies organized. Pencil pouches don't take up a lot of space and pencils, markers, crayons, glue, and scissors fit perfectly inside these types of containers. They are also a great place for other small toys like Nerf darts.


Hopefully these tips can help you to find a place for some of those toys that always seem to be around. Organizing toys can help with house cleaning and saving your sanity!

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