5 Things That You Can Barbeque That You Never Thought About


Sausages, steaks and skewers all are renowned for their juicy succulent flavour and the way they perfectly sizzle on a barbeque grill. But many people fail to realise that their trusty barbeque can be used to cook so much more than the standard mandatory meats. Are you in need of a new model? If so, check out specialist retailers such as www.barbequesgalore.com.au – you’ll be cooking up a storm in no time with these five foods that love being barbequed almost as much as you love eating them!

5 Things That You Can Barbeque That You Never Thought About

1. Seafood

Apart from prawns, there is a lot more cooking potential when it comes to seafood and your barbeque. Chargrilled oysters go down a treat – just cook them over medium–high heat for about eight mins, until the first one opens. Then sprinkle salt, lemon juice and pepper, and voila – you have barbequed oysters. You can follow the same principle with clams. Cook them on high heat for about three minutes and they’ll be ready when the shells pop open.

Lobsters also barbeque extremely well. High heat turns lobster shells a distinct red colour, and steams the flesh inside perfectly, while infusing it with a delicious smoky flavour. Lobster is always good, but barbequing it truly takes this gourmet seafood option to the next level.

2. Cos/Romaine Lettuce

Believe it or not, but you can actually barbeque lettuce. While most people never cook lettuce, like spinach, you can heat lettuce under the right conditions. The secret is choosing the Cos or Romaine variety, slightly charring the leaves for about 4-5 minutes over medium heat after brushing them lightly with olive oil and lemon juice. After turning a few times, the lettuce will be slightly charred and can be chopped up to add texture to salads, or to use in a steak sandwiches or burgers.

3. Pizza

Pizza is always a favourite, but grilled pizza is often much crispier compared to pizza that has been oven-baked. To barbeque it successfully, ensure the grates of the grill are nice and clean and the base of the pizza has been brushed with olive oil to prevent sticking. Before adding the toppings, grill the base for about three minutes and lift the base with tongs to check on the progress. Next, add sauce and toppings to the pizza (without overloading otherwise it won’t cook effectively). Close the hood of the barbecue and cook for three minutes before removing from grill and then presto – you have grilled pizza perfection!

4. Red and Green Capsicums

Barbeques are great for getting you more excited about your veggies. It’s no surprise then that red and green capsicums seems to taste that much better when topped with oil, herbs and spices and then thrown on the grill. It doesn’t have to be only capsicums however, since zucchini, squash, eggplant and other nightshade vegetables taste so much more delicious (and less watery) after being barbequed. Grilled capsicums can then be chopped up and used in salad, as a salsa, or on bread.

5. Crusty Breads

Speaking of breads, they also perfectly lend themselves to some serious barbequing. Grilling bread brings out a toasty, crustiness and chewy texture and can add much needed crunch to a dish. The key is choosing sourdoughs, ryes and other denser breads. Lather with olive oil (seeing a pattern here?) and place on a medium to high heat for about 2-3 minutes on each side, or until grill marks appear.

If you’ve yet to adventure away from the typical meats, give these five foods a try on when you next fire up the grill and enjoy the difference in taste that only barbequed foods can bring.

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