4 Christmas Gift Ideas for Hard To Shop for Family Members


As Christmas gets closer, it's time to start making your list and checking it twice. The best part of the holidays is seeing the looks on your family members' faces when they open their gifts, but what about that one person who never likes anything? If you try year after year to please a hard-to-shop-for loved one only to be met with a forced smile, try one of these four gift ideas to make their Christmas merry.

Favorite Treats

Who doesn't love tasty candy, cookies or other treats for Christmas? Giving a favorite treat is sure to put a genuine grin on anyone's face this holiday season. You can purchase gourmet treats from a bakery or candy shop, or get a bulk order of their favorite candy bar online. Try making them yourself if you're handy in the kitchen, but you should probably skip the fruitcake. If your family member doesn't like sweets, consider gourmet popcorn, artisan jerky or a cheese set.

Flower Delivery

Fresh, fragrant flowers can brighten even the grinchiest of days. Consider giving a gift of monthly flower delivery so your loved one can enjoy the beauty of fresh flowers all year long. Flowers make an especially nice gift for elderly family members in care homes, but they're also great for career-minded folks who want to brighten up their office or the recently single who could use some cheer.

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Novelty T-shirts

Do you have a teenager on your shopping list? They can be very difficult to shop for if you can't afford the high-end tech that usually populates their wish lists. However, one gift that's sure to please this age group is a novelty t-shirt. Many teens enjoy shirts with images from their favorite movies, books or musicians, but they also enjoy shirts with crass or funny sayings. Just make sure the tee you choose isn't distasteful enough to annoy their parents.


Everyone has to eat, and cookbooks are a great practical gift for the person who has everything. They also make a good gift for anyone just starting out on their own whether they're going off to college or newlywed. Consider a plant-based cookbook for your vegetarian niece, a meal prep guide for your bachelor uncle or a kid-friendly cookbook for the new parents in your family.

If you're still stumped about what to put under the tree for that person who's difficult to shop for, how about a gift card or cash? After all, you can't go wrong when you let them choose their last-minute gift.


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