3 Relaxing Family Vacation Ideas


Taking time out is essential, especially when you’re busy working and raising a family. Things can get so hectic that you forget that there are several pleasures to enjoy in life such as kicking your feet up and relaxing by the poolside. If this happens to be the story of your life, you may be thinking about planning a family holiday sometime soon. There are so many destinations to choose from, so it’s likely that you may find it difficult to choose one. If relaxation is at the top of your priority list, then you may want to think about something that caters to your needs as well as that of the kids. On that note, you’ll find three relaxing family vacation ideas to consider below.

 3 Relaxing Family Vacation Ideas

Florida Space Coast

Florida Space Coast which is a region around the Kennedy Space Center is an ideal family vacation spot if you want a vacation filled with nature, beaches, and diverse activities for the whole family to enjoy. Located 45 minutes east of Orlando Florida, the Space Coast consists of several towns such as Cocoa Beach, Melbourne & the Beaches, Port Canaveral, Titusville Palm Bay, and Viera. The town you pick would be totally dependant on what kind of activities you and the family would like to get up to. Some activities you can experience include watching a live rocket launch, surfing, visiting the Kennedy Space Center, fishing, boating, taking a trip down to the Brevard Zoo, and exploring the wildlife.


One of the key parts of a family vacation should be ensuring you get enough rest, so a trip to an island such as Maui may be a good idea. You should be able to enjoy all of the luxuries an island has to offer such as warm weather, some of the best beaches in the world and a break from the kitchen seeing as you’ll have access to various fresh foods. If you decide to opt to go to this beautiful island for a family vacation, you could look for cheap flights online and also check for a beach vacation rental big enough for the family on VacationRenter. There are a number of activities you could get up to such as a helicopter tour, visiting different parks and beaches, or spending time at the Maui Ocean Center. Overall, you should find that Maui is a good vacation idea if your goal is for everyone to get rest as well as have fun in the sun.

Caribbean Cruise

Another awesome vacation idea to consider for the family is a Caribbean cruise. This is ideal if you enjoy boat rides and would like to see a beautiful island such as the Caribbean. You should also consider that there are various Caribbean cruises that you can choose from which differ in terms of the size of the ship, capacity of people it can contain, restaurants on board as well as the activities you can partake in.


When planning a family vacation, it’s important that you pick something that ensures the kids have a blast, you can relax, and you’re able to bond as a family. Aside from the places mentioned above, there are several places that you can go as a family to achieve those outcomes. The most important thing should be picking somewhere that caters to your needs as a family as well as a place that’s unforgettable.

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