3 Important Ways to Teach Your Children How to Care for Their Dental Hygiene


3 Important Ways to Teach Your Children How to Care for Their Dental Hygiene

Good oral hygiene habits should be learned in childhood–as early as possible. Yet, it is amazing at how many people do not realize that early enough can mean as soon as infancy and two years of age. One surprising fact is that although you can’t see a baby’s teeth, they can still have up and coming cavities within their 20 primary teeth. At six months, they may already have cavities present as the teeth break the gum line.

Our article post below covers the top three ways to teach children good dental health habits that will last into their later years.

The First Dental Visit

Today, the American Dental Association recommends the child’s first visit to a family physician begin at no less than one and a half years of age. Giving children a period to accustom themselves to the sights, sounds and yes, the feel of a dental office is an important time of preparation for everyone.

The Food Connection

Almost everyone knows that a good balanced diet, void of sugary substances, is crucial to promoting and maintaining good health in general. However, few know that bad eating habits and eating the wrong food also triggers other more serious illnesses such as cancer in the mouth and the esophagus.

A quick consultation with your oral physician like those at the Coquitlam Centre Dental Clinic may help you determine the best diet for your children. It’s not just about avoiding sugar and sugary foods, it can also be about staying away from crunchy foods, hard candy and not chewing ice.

Perhaps just as important as brushing after every meal is flossing after every brushing. Any food trapped in between teeth where a brush cannot reach is easily dislodged with a quick flossing with an oral tape or string.

Make Dental Hygiene a Fun Event

Kids naturally gravitate to fun things so it makes good sense to turn their daily oral routine into a fun event. How? First of all, don’t put on a dour looking face making a dentist visit an occasion to dread. Secondly, offer an award of sorts to the child that can clean their teeth the cleanest without leaving any food particles behind. Naturally, an inspection by mom is needed.

Good oral health consists of several factors, not just one. In the end, teaching children about proper oral health habits will not only cause them to thank you later in life, but your wallet may thank you as well!

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