Finding a family-friendly movie that both kids like is always a challenge, our last favorite was Disney’s Descendants.  I love the feel good movies filled with life lessons, music and dancing so when we heard of ZOMBIES on Disney DVD we had to watch it.

In this new Disney Channel original movie released April 24th, you’ll follow along with the high school woes plus zombies.  Set fifty years after a zombie apocalypse Seabrook High School is about to embrace the newly enrolled zombies when they’re allowed to enroll in High School.

Zombies on Disney DVD

Today, the zombies pose no threat but are required to live in Zombietown, an isolated, rundown community infused with their unique creative spirit.  The charming zombie Zed, who is determined to play football, meets freshman Addison who dreams of being a cheerleader — the ultimate form of status in the community. Zed and Addison work together to show Seabrook what they can achieve when they embrace their differences and celebrate what makes them a community.

At this School, it takes GUTS to be Yourself!

This dance filled, fun loving movie is filled with an amazing Disney cast including:

  • Milo Manheim as Zed
  • Meg Donnelly as Addison
  • Trevor Tordjman as Bucky
  • Kylee Russell as Eliza
  • Carla Jeffery as Bree
  • Kingston Foster as Zoey
  • James Godfrey as Bonzo

You can purchase ZOMBIES on Disney DVD April 24th in most retailers.  The 94 minute will have you dancing and singing along.  The fun doesn’t stop there, you’ll want to check out the DVD Exclusive bonus material

  1. Zombie Blooper Reel – Laugh out loud at the cast of ZOMBIES in this compilation of the funniest bloopers and outtakes from the making of the film.
  2. The Zombie Survival Guide To High School – This piece uses a visual motif of a Zombie Survival Guide, with styled infographics and hosted by the talent.  We go down the list of some of the most important survival tips for Zombies and humans on how to get along and make the best of high school.
  3. Deleted Scene 1 – It’s a Cheer-tastrope
  4. Deleted Scene 2 – New Jacket, New Name
  5. You’ll also find a dance tutorial, audition tapes, music video and lyrics to BAMM.

The movie might be a little corny at times and make you wonder why you’re watching it but the kids loved it.  From great singing and dancing to learning how to accept others for their unique differences, this wholesome family movie is a winner in my books.

Get ready for a fun-filled family movie night and grab a copy of ZOMBIES on Disney DVD.

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