Your Guide to Gift Giving for Him


The Complete Guide to Gift Giving Etiquette

Gift giving can be challenging when you are shopping for your special guy. Whether it is for birthdays, anniversaries, or Father’s Day, picking the right gift can be difficult. We’ve rounded up a list of gifts that are sure to make him happy.

Food & Drink

Shot glasses are an easy gift to find. You can find these in most stores. They vary from a few dollars or you can choose a high end glass. Many of these are collectables. States and cities are popular. You can design your own shot glass with his name or initials too.

Brew your own beer kits are becoming a popular gift because of their affordability and creativeness. There is a brew for everyone: pale ale, amber ale, craft, and lager. These kits include a fermenter, all of the needed ingredients, and instructs on how to brew the beer.

If your guy likes to have a drink, but doesn't want to be involved in the creation, go with a personalized whiskey barrel. These are great decor for man caves and offices.


A great option for indoor play would be a poker table. If space is an issue, there are poker tables that go on top of your own table. These typically fold for easy storage. Another option would be a poker table with folding legs. If you have you have enough room and a higher budget, go with a standing poker table.

A Nice set of golf clubs is always a hit. These range between a couple of hundred to a couple thousand dollars. If he is a novice player, a cheaper set may be best. If he is more seasoned, ask a golfer for advice before purchasing. If budget is an issue, maybe upgrade only one club.

Clothing & Accessories

If your guy isn’t into drinks or games, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Fashion is sometimes overlooked when buying a gift for guys.

Personalized necktie are a fun gift idea because there are so many options. A simple monogram on a solid background is a classic look. You could personalize his tie with his favorite quotes. If you really want a gift that will stand out and be humorous, design his tie with pictures of you or his children, and even funnier, pictures of himself.

For the guys who take fashion a little more seriously than a funny tie, opt for designer clothing from Robert Old. They carry everything from t-shirts to coats to swimwear. If you aren’t sure what would be the best size for him, you can always go with hats, gloves, or briefcases.

Smart watches are a good way to pair fashion and technology. These are a good option for the guy who has everything. These range from an affordable $60 to a more high end $2,000. When choosing the watch, check the features. Some watches monitor steps and heart rates while others allow you to check your schedule and make phone calls.

When you are choosing a gift from him, think about his lifestyle. What is his age group? What are his interests and hobbies? Is he outgoing or he more reserved? Be sure to stay within his comfort zone, after all, this is supposed to make him happy.

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