You Can Help Stop Distracted Driving


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Did you know that 8 out of 10 accidents* are caused by distracted driving?  Scarey statistic if you ask me.  You can help Stop Distracted Drivers by making a conscious effort to focus on the ROAD and not the gadgets or kids!

It is easy to get distracted don't get me wrong.  Sometimes the kids are yelling at you or you're running late for a meeting or to drop the kids off.  Instead of taking your attention off the road find ways to deal with these distractions in an effortless way.

For the kids – equip them with what they need BEFORE you start driving.  Maybe it is as simple as providing them with a drink, snack, coloring book before you back out of the driveway or leave the parking lot.

Running late – instead of sending a text from the road get a Bluetooth device so you can easily make hands-free calls with the touch of a button or voice activation.  Or simply just arrive late and explain yourself later sometimes being safe is more important than sending that email, text, or making a phone call.

If you have teenagers on the road provide them with the tools they need to start alert, safe, and cautious of other drivers out there.  Set rules for them if they are using the car with friends and set a good example when they're in the car with you. Being alert and present while driving is the best way to avoid an accident on the road.

Insurance Hunter has provided a great infographic to make you aware of the distractions you might face on the road and tips to avoiding them!


*Statistic provided by CAA

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