xTeros’ Offers to Pay Members Health Insurance Premium


After experiencing his own health and insurance related issues, William Wynn founded xTeros to help others overcome the frustrations they face when shopping fo health insurance and managing medical costs.  xTeros is a privately held corporation with offices in Bethesda Maryland.  They are more than just a  research destination, the company helps consumers evaluate options and Shop for health services, products and insurance.

xTeros’ Offers to Pay Members Health Insurance Premium

xTeros insurance app is free and provides an unbiased assessment of plans helping users quickly identify plans based on their actual health expenses.  They are not a  broker and do not sell health insurance instead they are building a web community where members can find practical tools to manage their health care expense.  On February 4, 2015 xTeros made a big announcement:

xTeros’ Offers to Pay Members Health Insurance Premium

They will pay the annual insurance premium for every 1000th individual who registers and joins the xTeros community!


Keeping their community in mind xTeros launched a free Shop Insurance app in November 2014, bringing a new approach to evaluating health insurance options. They change the focus from balancing low premiums vs high deductibles, to evaluating your projected Out-Of-Pocket costs in the year to come.  The CEO William Wynn keeps things simple and states:

I started xTeros due to the frustration I experienced evaluating health insurance plans and medical options during a personal illness. There were many web resources available, but no informed or consolidated answers. I had to teach myself.

Our Shop Insurance app is the first of many health related apps we are building our community around. I did not expect the app to take off as quickly as it has this season. As we near the end of Open Season, I wanted to find a way of thanking our users. Our “Let Us Pay” promotion is a small way of recognizing the success our users have brought us. “


With a CEO who is committed to honesty and bringing real facts to the community xTeros is a great new way to shop for your health insurance.

For more information visit xTeros today!

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