The Working Mom: 5 Tips to Starting a Home Business With Kids


The Working Mom 5 Tips to Starting a Home Business With Kids

When you become an entrepreneur and create an online store you have to quickly adapt your lifestyle to include the responsibilities that come along with it.  With any online business you need to have a social media presence, keep an eye on your inventory and track your finances.  Sometimes finding balance can be a struggle but we're here to help!

Running a business from home is going to present every entrepreneur with a number of unique challenges, but those with kids at home are going to quickly learn just how much of a balancing act this can be.  As responsibilities begin to pile up and the business grows, every mom should keep these five tips in mind to allow her business to thrive without neglecting the needs of the family.

1. Create Firm Business Hours

This is one of the most important steps for anyone that works from home or is creating a home business. Even if the hours are shorter than a normal work week or at unusual times, firm business hours must be created and adhered to by the entire family unless an emergency takes place. If a chore or squabble wouldn't have made you drive home from an outside office it shouldn't draw you away from work at home.

2. Make an Unquestioned Workplace

Much like a mom needs to have firm business hours that are devoted to her start-up, she always needs a workplace that doesn't double as anything else. Even families that are low on space can figure out at least a small area that is toy-free and distraction-free. An entire room is ideal, but a partitioned-off area with a desk, computer, and headphones to drown out noise may be all that is needed.

3. Stop the Multi-Tasking

Multi-tasking is inevitable for every professional at some point, but this can become a devastating habit inside a home. Moms that are only giving their business half their attention and their kids half their attention will be doing themselves a disservice, handicapping their company, and their kids will quickly begin to take notice.

4. Cut Back on Trips to the Bank

Any time that a start-up business owner can cut back on errands outside the home they should do it. This includes working with a merchant solutions company that can help them end those non-stop trips to the bank with a mobile point-of-sale device, ACH payment processing, or any payment types that can be done remotely instead of in person.

5. Get the Family Involved

Just as you loved to be involved in a child's life, your kids want to be involved in your work at some point. Taking a little bit of time out of every week to have the kids help out by organizing some paperwork or even getting their feedback on a new idea is a great way to lessen any tension and keep the entire family invested in the new business.


Attempting to run a business while caring for children is always going to present some unique challenges. Doing a little planning ahead and staying open and honest with the family will help to alleviate some of that stress and remove a number of common obstacles.

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