Winter Worries: 5 Home Preparations to Make Before it Snows


It is essential to prepare for the winter weather as early as possible because it is difficult to perform maintenance tasks in the ice and snow. Not only should you prepare your home for the cold and icy conditions that occur in the winter, but also, you must maintain your vehicle.

Fill the Holes and Crevices inside and Outside Your Home

The caulking that is around your home’s windows and doors will degrade throughout the year, but you can buy liquid caulking material or insulation to fill any holes or crevices. By filling the openings around doors and windows, you can prevent any cold drafts, and this will help to reduce your utility bills each month.

Fix Your Home’s Rooftop

If your home’s rooftop is leaking, then the moisture from ice, rain and snow will damage the building’s electrical wiring and drywall. When your home’s materials are damp, this leads to mold growth, and pests are also attracted to the wet drywall or wood. In addition, water-damaged wood and drywall is less likely to keep out the cold winds that occur in the winter.

Repair a Home’s Climate-Control Equipment

Change the filter in your home’s furnace before winter, and also, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the debris from the vents in each room. Turn on the furnace to make sure that it is working optimally, and if it isn’t emitting hot air, then contact a heating technician as soon as possible.

Clean Your Home’s Fireplaces and Chimneys

When you want to use a fireplace in the winter, you must verify that the chimney is in optimal condition. You may want to hire a knowledgeable chimney sweep to inspect, clean and repair the chimneys on your home’s rooftop, but you can clean your own fireplaces to remove the dangerous soot.

Winterize Your Vehicle

Before cold weather arrives, make sure to winterize your vehicle by taking it to a mechanic for an oil change. The mechanic can also add fluid such as antifreeze or windshield cleaner to make it easier to drive throughout the winter. This is also a good time to go to someone like Discount Tire Centers or a similar company to have winter tires installed on your vehicle so that you will have better traction on the snow and ice.

Stock up on Essentials

It is a good idea to stock up on daily essentials such as bottled water, canned foods and medication in case you can’t drive to a store in a snowstorm. Experts recommend having at least a week’s worth of necessities in your home so that you can survive during a blizzard.

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