Why you Need to Teach your Kids the Dangers of Aggressive Driving


Why you Need to Teach your Kids the Dangers of Aggressive Driving

One of the most valuable lessons parents can confer upon their children relates to encouraging better driving practices. Inform your youngsters about the hazards associated with aggressive driving. You may save their lives, or deter them from becoming involved in a road rage incident that takes the lives of other people.

Grim Statistics

Nationwide, the media in recent years has focused close attention upon the phenomenon of aggressive driving. Sadly, sources estimate that these types of incidents account for over 50% of all motor vehicle accidents in the United States that lead to fatalities. Actual “road rage” represents the most severe end of a scale of aggressive driving behaviors that place impulsive behaviors ahead of sound driving judgment.

Inexperienced drivers, especially young teenage males, most often display driving traits associated with “road rage” incidents. When emotions take over behind the wheel, aggressive drivers sometimes demonstrate careless, dangerous patterns. Driving faster than posted speed limits, changing lanes without signaling, tailgating, and illegal passing all sometimes fall into the category of aggressive driving.

Don't Drive Aggressively

Litigation law firms such as Bachus & Schanker Law frequently see the tragic consequences of aggressive driving. Despite including only a statistically limited segment of all drivers in numerical terms, aggressive drivers cause a disproportionate amount of havoc. Significant property losses, life altering injuries and even deaths result from aggressive driving incidents.

By taking steps to educate their children about the very real long term impacts of aggressive driving incidents, parents perform a valuable service. They may encourage a young person to reconsider unsafe aggressive driving behavior. By teaching their children to separate their driving activities from personality issues, parents help prevent destructive road rage incidents.

Avoid Aggressive Drivers

One important aspect of these discussions should concern avoiding responding to aggressive driving behavior displayed by other people. One survey reported a horrifying statistic: fully 2% of the drivers responding admitted to having attempted to force an overly aggressive driver off the road!

If your youngster encounters an aggressive driver, warn your teen to refrain from becoming embroiled in a contest of wills on the road. Avoid road rage incidents. Instead, ask your child to make a mental note of the license plate number of the unsafe driver and report the information privately to law enforcement authorities as soon as possible.

Aggressive, unsafe driving threatens everyone. Parents perform a valuable service when they educate youngsters about this issue.

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