When Your Spouse Slips Up: How to Respond Effectively to an Addict’s Relapse


Being married to an addict can pose all kinds of interesting challenges. One of the most difficult things to experience is a relapse. Even if your spouse has been staying clean, all kinds of circumstances could lead to them using again. This is how to respond effectively to an addict's relapse.

Make Sure They're Okay

A relapse can have serious adverse health effects. Many have lost their lives because they couldn't handle their previous dosage. You want to make sure your spouse is okay and that they get any necessary medical attention. Follow any instructions given by their doctor. There might also need to be environmental changes if their relapse is rooted in any circumstances like seasonal affective disorder.

Determine any Possible Causes

There may or may not be one specific reason for your spouse relapsing. It could be based on a traumatizing event, such as the death of a close friend or loss of a job. It could also be that the temptation to use just became too strong. Discuss these possible reasons with your partner as early as possible. They might feel some reluctance, but it's crucial in order for you to help them out.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Your spouse relapsing can summon all kinds of emotions. You might feel angry, betrayed, or sad. These are all perfectly valid emotions to have, but you need to be careful about how you present them. Speak in a concerned but relaxed tone of voice and express your concern without coming across as accusatory. Ask them questions to give them an opportunity to speak. The two of you need to communicate to your best ability during this time.

Help Them Get Back on Track

If your spouse relapses, they might feel as though there's no hope left for them. It's completely understandable to feel this way, especially if they've been sober for a significant amount of time. Spend time talking to them about what happened and what needs to be done to get back on course. It only takes one step to resume a positive journey. Your encouragement and support really can make a difference for your spouse.

Your spouse relapsing doesn't mean that they're not serious about their recovery. It's a mistake that can be forgiven and moved past. If necessary, get in touch with a DUI lawyer. You don't have to condone their addiction, but you can show them support as they start anew. You might not be able to put yourself in their shoes, but you can be there for them.

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