When Life Throws You Luck You Take It


Ok so I know I haven't been that great at getting new posts up lately or recipes, or vlogs, I've pretty much been slacking.  Well I have some exciting news!!!  I sold my business and am going to be a stay at home Mom/blogger now!!! I am VERY excited.  This is the last week we will own the business and then its over!

The journey since 2008 has been amazing, I was able to work with my husband and sister while enjoying the perks of owning my own business.  But with perks also comes headaches.  I'm sad to say that life was at the point where the business just became a stressful chaotic mess.  The funny thing is we weren't even trying to sell and the whole sale thing fell in our laps with an offer and we jumped on it.

Stress for me hasn't been a good thing lately it has made me an impatient person (not that I wasn't before but it exaggerated it), I'm gaining weight, and I didn't even want to do any paperwork I thought of every excuse under the sun to try and do everything at the last minute.  Thinking about the sale and being a full time Mom makes me excited because nothing will be “holding me back” and I won't have work that has deadlines so I can be a FUN Mom and enjoy being with my kids.  I think I will probably get bored of living a leisure life, I like pressure and love working so I will probably end up doing the blogging thing full time.  I know that I would also love to take a life coach course.  So who knows what the future hold for me.  All I do know is I would like my patience back and I want to have more fun EVERY DAY!  Life really is too short to be stressed and not loving every minute of it.

So hold on for the next week because I know I'll have some goodies to share with you in the whole process and maybe I will even catch up on some old posts like our family trip to Mexico!!  Here is to joining the housewife life!  Trust me I know I have work cut out for me and the road is going to be a little bumpy but I'm excited to take on this new challenge in my life!

So here is to expecting the unexpected because when life throws you luck you take it!

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