When Life Gives You Cicadas…Make Gumbo! – Guest Post


I'm always on the lookout for something new and trying different dishes that are local to other areas in the world so when I can across this FREE e-cookbook I knew I had to share it with you all!

When Life Gives you Cicadas….Make Gumbo

So what's a cicadas you might ask…

According to Wikipedia cicadas are insects related to leafhoppers and spittlebugs.  With a high concentration found on the east coast of North America.

I had no idea what they were when I first heard about this e-cookbook.  This is what the author has to say about them, and trust me I was highly surprised when they are referred to as delicious.  I have never tried one but they are on my to try list now!!

Every 17 years Cicada rise from whatever they are doing under our yards to cover trees, sidewalks, driveways, roads, porches, and decks with their creepy chirping bug bodies.

Is there a silver lining associated with an infestation of noisy bugs?

You bet there is, each and every one of those little guys are Deee-Lishhh-us!  Some folks even call them land shrimp.

Is your mouth watering yet?  I know mine is.

So back to the cookbook for these land shrimp!  By the way if you have an allergy to shellfish you shouldn't attempt to eat these as they are in the arthropod family and I wouldn't want any of you to have a crazy reaction.  The cookbook offers tips and tricks on how to catch them, store them, cook them, and eat them so you don't have to do any research before grabbing your copy all the info you need is in the book.  There are 12 delicious deep south inspired recipes including:

1. Cicada & Grits
2. Fried Green Cicada
3. Cicada Sweet Potato Biscuits
4. Cicada-Kabobs
5. Deep Fried Coconut Cicada
6. Cicada Stuffed Potatoes
7. Baked Cicada Scampi
8. Roasted Cicada Salad
9. Cicada Casserole
10. Cicada Burger
11. Curried Cicada Butternut Bisque
12. Cicada Gumbo

So where do you get your FREE copy?  CLICK HERE

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