What Your Front Entrance Says about Your Parenting Style


Do you ever walk by a home and wonder who lives in there? The front entrance of your home does more than just adding curb appeal to your home. It gives people a glimpse into the lives and the people who live there. A front entrance can be an indicator about who lives there, and it might even say a bit about your parenting style.

What Your Front Entrance Says about Your Parenting Style

The Pinterest Mom

When you drive past the Pinterest Mom’s house, her front entrance looks like a magazine. Decorations for each season adorn either side of her door, where a wreath hangs that goes along with the upcoming season. The door will be a bright contrast to the house, standing out against the brick or siding.

It’s easy to imagine that the Pinterest Mom takes a lot of time with the style of her front entrance. What does that mean for her parenting style? She loves to make things for her kids! They may take time doing crafts together or putting together outfits. She takes the time to do her kids’ hair in fun ways. She loves her kids!

The Organic Living Family

Take a walk by the Organic Mom’s house, and you’ll notice dozens of pots of herbs along the front of her house. She may have a few tomato plants as well, because who needs to grow flowers when they don’t produce organic fruits and vegetables? The hanging pots contain strawberries and other herbs that she might use to make teas or herbal remedies.

The Organic Mom takes a lot of time to make sure she researches everything for her kids. Safety and health are of the utmost importance! She takes time to prepare healthy meals for her kids and family. She loves her family.

The Relaxed-Laid Back Mama

Your local relaxed mama may not spend much time decorating her front entrance. Her relaxed style translates to all parts of her life, including decorations. She may place a few pots of flowers on her front porch, along with a rug that says “Just So You Know, There Are A Lot of Kids in Here.” You might spot a few packages from Amazon on the porch too that she forgot she ordered late at night.

Chances are this relaxed mom spends a lot of time shuffling kids from activity to activity. She tries to take things as they come; there is already enough stress in life. She sees no point in adding more. Taking things in stride is her superpower, and she sure loves those kids!

The Mom of Toddlers and Small Children

Do you spy a mom in a robe with coffee in hand on her front porch at 8 am? Chances are she is a mom of toddlers and small children. Those small children may be running around the front yard, chasing the dog or riding little toys.

The sidewalk and porch are covered in sidewalk chalk and spilled bubbles. She placed a few pots of flowers on the porch and hung a few baskets. The flowers in the pots are mostly petal-less because the toddler pulled them all off.

We all know the Mom of Toddlers and Small Kids is tired, hence the empty coffee cup she left on the porch accidentally. She is outside before most of the neighbors are awake, but it’s her reality. She knows the days are long, and she may yell just a bit too much sometimes. Toddlers have great selective hearing after all, but she loves those kids like crazy.

The Family with Teenagers

Banners displaying the local high school colors adorn the front porch. There are little helmets and pom-poms on sticks showing the pride this Family with Teenagers feel about their kids. Their front porch has more details, like a nice rocker and flowers galore. She has time now to decorate more often. You may notice the Mom of Teenagers on the front porch with a book sometimes as well.

The Family with Teenagers face a lot of challenges, from balancing schedules to never-ending activities. Raising teenagers is just as challenging as toddlers sometimes. However, they try to work together, and they are proud of their kids! They love their teenagers.

How You Can Improve Your Front Entrance

Notice how much people can gather by looking at your front entrance? It can reflect who your family is or where you are at in your stage of life. Are you interested in improving your front entrance? Here are a few simple tips.

  • Change your front door color! A pop of color, like blue or red, is always in style.
  • Create a little sitting area with two chairs and a small table. Throw down an outside rug. People will want to stop by and chat.
  • Display multi-tiered flowering pots for some height and interest.
  • Don’t be afraid to place flower pots everywhere in an assortment of flowers.
  • Hang lights on either side of your front door.
  • Get a lovely Welcome sign – everyone loves them!
  • Make sure you try to keep your lawn well-maintained and trimmed. A boring porch still looks nice with a maintained lawn.

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