What Do I Do Well by Author Patricia Franklin


As parents we see the anxiety, excitement and a million other emotions all rolled up into one when they're about to embark on a new journey.  That's why you'll love to share this book What Do I Do Well byfrom Author Patricia Franklin with your children.

What Do I Do Well from Author Patricia Franklin

What Do I Do Well by Author Patricia Franklin

This heart warming book begins with the journey of a young girl, Kayah, on her first day of school and the emotions around the experience.  If being in the second grade wasn't challenging enough she had to participate in getting to you know activities with her new classmates.  The task they were given was to share her ability she excels at.

She takes us on a journey through all the skills she has and excels at from art to being a ghostbuster.  This is also great because you can see the excitement in your own kids thinking about their skills as you read and share the book with them.  When she finally makes it up in front of the class her best skill is being a good sister and she gets to explain all the wonderful things she gets to do as an older sibling.

This book would be great for anyone with young siblings, it easily opens up the lines of communication and gets them thinking about the good in themselves!  I like how you have discussion topics available at the end of the book so you can create an open conversation with your kids.

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