What Are The Most Common Gas Fireplace Problems?


A gas fireplace may be sold as ‘maintenance-free,’ but gas-fired fireplaces can have problems like any appliance. If you’ve been considering warming your toes with a gas fireplace, remember some of the things below that can go wrong with them. And keep a good gas fireplace service company in your contacts because you might need them down the road. 

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Poor Maintenance 

Maintenance for a gas fireplace differs from that for wood burners. But both need yearly inspections, regular cleanings, and routine service. If you set up an annual check and cleaning with a reliable service company, you can avoid issues and problems that inevitably occur from neglect. 

Remember, you probably like your gas fireplace because it’s convenient. Keep it convenient by having it serviced regularly.

Gas Fear

A common issue with gas fireplaces is when they cease working. Most of us haven’t a clue what to do. But we do fear a malfunctioning gas appliance because of the dangers of natural gas. 

You could feel fine trying to repair a wood-burning unit yourself, but you probably should call in the professionals with a gas fireplace. 

Burning Gas Smell

The smell of natural gas can cause headaches, sensitivity, and other problems. This is especially common with ventless gas fireplaces. These types lack a vent or chimney to eliminate the fire’s fumes so that you may smell gas more with these units. That’s why many consumers opt for a ventless unit at first and have it replaced eventually with a vented fireplace. 

Most experts recommend a vented fireplace because it releases the fumes outdoors and allows fresh air. 

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