“Welcome to the Chill Out Zone” Creating a Perfect Relaxation Space for Kids


It’s no secret that a child can be slightly demanding when it comes to their own living space. So, it’s no wonder why parents are sometimes confused as to whether there exists a “perfect” bedroom that will suit the needs of a child. While this will obviously depend on the child, there are still a few ways that are certain to help create a bedroom that’s as fun as it is comfortable and functional:

Comfortable furniture

When sleeping or relaxing, plush and comfortable furniture is a must. One of the best ways to ensure the child’s comfort is through the use of sofa beds, bean bag chairs and other items that are inviting to rest upon. In fact, sofa beds are a specifically novel concept: they’ll enable the child and a friend or two to enjoy the room without feeling the desire to run around the house at inconvenient times (and like a whirling dervish!). Of course, all such furniture should be washable and durable, for you can expect them to be subject to a great deal of wear and tear over the years.

Space and more space

A child never wishes to feel like he or she is “trapped” within a room. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why they will prefer to remain out and about. Although rooms will naturally come in different shapes and sizes, you should take advantage of any ambient light to increase the “feel” of the bedroom. Light-colored walls and windows that let the sunlight just pour in are ideal. They make the room feel a lot larger and also lift the child’s spirits (they won’t hold off the tantrums indefinitely, but you can enjoy it while it lasts!).

Washable walls

It’s important for a child to feel comfortable in his or her bedroom. This is often accomplished by letting a young one act as a virtual “designer”. Thanks to modern technology, there are a number of semi-gloss paints that are fully washable. With specially designed markers, a child will be able to doodle on the walls, and afterwards, their drawings can simply be wiped away as is desired. Such a benefit will help to enable the child to truly feel at home in their environment.

These are three ways that will help a parent create the “perfect” bedroom while providing comfort and an inviting atmosphere for the child. Can you think of any others?

Image by SantaRosa Old Skool and gagilas, used under Creative Commons license.



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