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The decision to lose weight is not taken lightly, but congratulations is in order, because coming to the conclusion that you need to lose weight is not an easy one to arrive at. However, it is for sure one of the best decisions and the best change you can make to your body bar beating any kind of addiction like smoking. There are many ways you can lose weight and the majority of them are covered in the article, yet it must be clear that different things work for different people. Patience and perseverance are the keys to success that can help you soar. It may take days or months to find out what works for you, but it can be done. Thousands of people do it each year. You may go through a few diets that are useless then land on the one that makes the difference. The same applies to workout routines. But don’t get put off by lack of success, chances are you’ll start to lose weight immediately.

To lose weight you essentially need to burn more fat than you ingest. It is as simple as that, which is why diets are important. Anyone who tells you otherwise are not worth listening too. To get the best diet you need to give each one you try a chance, they’ll all differ, but one thing will stay the same, and that is the food you eat will be cut back on sugar, fat, and carbs. You need to make a concerted effort to adhere to the diets requirements, and to do this you’ll need to know how to cook healthy food. Here are 156 HCG Diet Recipes for Maximum Weight Loss that can get you started and give you the inspiration to cook the right foods. Just because they aren’t packed with fat doesn’t mean they won’t taste good. Experiment and you’ll soon find yourself having fun making up healthy meals and snacks that can help you shed weight.losing weightSource

Exercise goes hand in hand with diet if you want to make a positive impact on your weight. There are ways you can lose it just by dieting, but if you are a big eater then exercise is a must. It comes with additional benefits for your heart too so you really should try to get the right amount of exercise each week. Again, working out what types of exercise you like requires experiment. If you are obese then you may feel weary about it, but just start off by walking. Walking comes with huge benefits and if it tires you out it is doing the right job. When you become proficient try walking up hill, and then slow jogging. This in conjunction with diet has huge benefits. If you don’t feel like that, try team sports. Fans of football or netball can join local clubs and get involved.

Try to target cardio exercise instead of weight lifting. Cycling can be great as you’ll burn lots of fat while toning your legs, and swimming is the best of all because you it exercises many different muscles. It can be really hard to get into exercise, but you need to be diligent and harsh on yourself. Set up a schedule if you have to and adhere to it. Make it clear that your exercise time is sacrosanct and protect it with everything you got. If you feel really self conscious then consider investing in a treadmill or cross trainer for your own home, this way you can exercise on your own out of the glare of others. The motivation factor is increased too, as you can exercise whilst watching your favourite shows.

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Going through the exercise can be really hard, but doing it with a friend or family member makes it so much more interesting. Having someone in the same boat as you makes a huge difference. You can motivate each other and there is even the competitiveness factor that comes into play as your both strive to lose weight. If you don’t think there is someone who can help you out you can join a weight club like weightwatchers. Knowing people are going to be seeing how much you weight each week can force you to do better, and you’ll meet like minded people who also want to do the same as you, fostering a sense of community drive. That being said, if you have all of the motivation you may not even need to do it with someone else, if you have the right attitude all you need is yourself.

So you have diet, exercise and motivation, what else can there be? Just the small hints and tips that can help get you over the line. First off, drink water as much as you can. Keep a bottle next to you at work or home and keep taking swigs. When you feel hungry sometimes you are merely thirsty, so keep taking sips until it becomes obvious you really do need food. This method can stop you snacking, and provides you with all the added benefits of drinking the right amount of water. You should know the other foods which can help you lose weight too, like green tea or peppers. Stack the deck in your favour and you can give yourself the added edge over your weight for maximum results.

Losing weight is a journey not all complete. You need to get everything into balance before it works, and doing that whilst working and being a parent can be really hard, but not impossible. Keep trying, buy healthier foods, take the lift instead of the stairs. Keep your weight constantly in your mind and you can make these little decisions which will supplement your wider weight loss efforts. There are countless books out there which can give you little nuggets of information that will really help educate you as you embark upon your journey. Remember, don’t expect instant success, and if you do try to keep it contained as you could hit a wall. Consistency beats everything. Good luck!

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  1. I lose weight without going to the gym by walking from home to school and office. I never use my car anymore, so I am saving money for gas. Then, I don’t eat at expensive restaurants and I cook my own food. I bring my food at school and at work, so I won’t get tempted to eat the costly junk foods at stores

  2. Thank you for such a wonderful blog, I liked the concept of exercising with friends & family. It could help you stay more consistent in your fitness regime with lots of fun. Thanks for sharing.

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    I loved the idea of making little changes into the diet, it really does help in moving towards better decisions. Thank yo u for sharing this wonderful information.

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