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We are a week into February which means it is time to get serious and kick things up a notch!  If you've taken my challenge on getting more balanced in life through journaling, setting goals and just being more organized you're going to love this weekly workout printable!  It makes the Monthly Workout Plan Printable I shared recently but this one focuses more on the current week.  I like to have a visual of what to expect and I plan out from a year, a month, a week and even down to the day to help me get more balanced and set myself up for success.

Weekly Workout Record Printable

Making a commitment to yourself to be healthier, happier and love life is fulfilling but can sometimes be a little tougher than we first think.  By breaking our goals down into small chunks it gets easier.  Trust me I've been there and done that and am doing it again.  It is funny how life goes smoothly and then all of a sudden a hurdle pops up that we need to conquer.

Weekly Workout Printable – Get Organized

I find that printing these two pages off is just what I need to stay motivated because I can clearly see my goals, the plan for the week and I get to report how it's going.  This printable is an easy accountability tool you can stick to or get a friend to join in so you can motivate each other!  I printed this out double-sided and laminated it so I can just reuse it but I'm thinking of doing 4 copies so I can keep track for a month at a time to see if there is anything I need to modify to keep me motivated.

Real Momma Workout Record Motivation Printable

So now its up to you how are you going to set yourself up for success this week?  Grab the Weekly Workout Printable and get yourself motivated!

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