Week 4! A month come and gone :)


Hello all! This post is a couple days late but I was enjoying my mini-vaca with the kidlets. I cannot believe that a month is almost up that means I'm almost 1/3 done my own 90 day challenge! I have to say a lot has changed in these past weeks and I feel amazing! I feel more centred and relaxed not to mention I am getting out of my comfort zone a lot more lately which for me is a huge challenge because I love staying home and minding my own business, just the fact that I'm sharing my goals and well life with all of you is a huge step for me.

A lot has unfolded this past week, I found out my Grandma has breast cancer and has to undergo chemo, surgery, then radiation which makes me really thankful for the health I have.  Frank and I decided to go sky diving in April for our birthdays, imagine that another thing checked off my 101 list!  I have started a Month Of Meditation and I'm posting tips on Facebook regularly.  Our vacation away in Calgary was amazing and so much fun.  I am being super consistent with eating healthy and exercising and seeing results, I love it, my sister and I are working on it together so that is a lot of fun.  I do have to say I'm a little disappointed in myself for not getting my positive affirmations done again this week, that is a MUST do on the upcoming week.

My goals for week #4:

  • Continue with my morning exercise routine and regular 30 minutes during the day
  • Get at least 2×5 minute meditation sessions in and post tips on Facebook daily
  • Fitness goal: take it to the next level again and add 2 double workout days!!
  • POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS – I will write out my affirmations for my major goals this week so I can start adding them to my meditation
  • Buy a Korea travel book
  • Update my 101 list
  • Post another recipe
  • Do a video post!

Care to join me on my challenge?  Maybe start with baby steps and see the 7 day!

Wish me luck!  I’d love to hear from you.  Comment on my website, follow me on Twitter, or join me on Facebook!

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