Wait! Important Things To Check Before Letting Your Kids Roam Outside


It’s getting to the time of the year when our kids are spending more time out in the garden. After all, it is sunnier outside and the nights are drawing in later. So it means they can play outside without having to worry about it getting dark quickly. And there are so many benefits to kids playing outside so you should encourage it. For one thing, it ensures they have plenty of fresh air which can clear their mind. Also, being outside means they will be more active. After all, it can be a struggle to get little ones to be active these days when there is so much they like to do inside! However, before you let your kids outside, you need to make sure it’s safe and sound. After all, there are lots of dangers in the garden which could lead to a potential injury for your kid. Therefore, here are some important things you should check before letting your kids roam outside!

Is the pond safe for your kid?

A lot of us have a water feature in our garden. After all, ponds look stunning in our yard. And it can add some essential character to your garden. As well as this, the sound of running water can be relaxing and destress you. Plus having a pond means you can get fish that the kids will love to look at and feed. In fact, a lot of kids name their fish which live in the pond in their garden. But while there are so many benefits to having a pond, it can pose a danger to your child. After all, it’s so easy for your kids to get too close to take a good look at the fish. And then they might end up in the pond as a result. If you aren’t watching at that moment, it might mean they struggle to get out on their own and start to drown. And one of the leading causes of injury and death in young kids under four is drowning. Therefore, before you let your precious one in the garden, you need to make sure the pond is safe. One way of doing this is by putting up a fence around the pond. That way, it will still enable your kids to get close to the pond to look at the fish. But they will have no way of accidently falling in as the fence will stop them. Alternatively, you could get some form of a grid to put over the pond. That way, it will prevent your little ones from being able to fall in by accident. Just make sure it’s fitted correctly and doesn’t harm the fish!

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Is there any way they can escape the yard?

While you might feel like your yard is safe for your kid, you need to make sure there is no way they can escape before you let them outside. After all, you don’t want to leave the garden for a few minutes and then find your child is missing. And particularly if they are little, they might make an error when it comes to the road after they have left your garden. Therefore, you need to make sure they can’t easily get out from the yard before you let your kids out there. Firstly, you should make sure that you have a solid gate which has a lock at the top. Ensure this is shut properly when your kids go out there so that they can’t get through. And you also need to make sure you have a good fence which is sturdy. That way, your kid won’t accidently make their way into the neighbor’s garden. After all, they might struggle to get back to your garden if they are in next door’s yard. And make sure you tell them to stick to your yard. If you highlight the dangers before you let them out, they should behave while in the garden. And making sure there is no way out will mean there is no way in. That way, no stranger will be able to get into your garden and take your child!

Are there lots of pests in the garden?

As much as I love summer, it does mean there are a lot more insects around. After all, a lot of bugs like wasps and mosquitos make an appearance as the sun shines its head. And while they are in the yard, they can pose a risk to our kids. After all, they can easily sting or bite your child while they are out in the garden. And it can leave you with a sobbing child. And if their skin gets infected, it might mean you have to go for a trip to the nearest hospital. Before you let your kids out in the garden, you need to reduce the amount of pests in your yard. If there seems to be an excessive amount, there might be a nest in your lawn. And you might need to get some outside help to get rid of them from your garden. For example, you can hunt down the best pest control online who will rid the bugs from your lawn. And make it safer for your kids to play outside during the summer months. Also, you can get some insect repellent for your kids to use before they head outside. That way, they have less of a chance of getting bitten. And you can always get some wasp deterrents like lemon candles which will keep them away from your yard too!

Are there any garden tools on show?

It’s common for you to have many tools that you need to use in the garden. After all, you want to keep the garden in tip-top shape. But while lawn mowers and garden rakes are incredibly useful, they can also pose a threat to your kids. After all, if they go outside with them out on show, they might go up to them. And they could accidentally hurt themselves if they touch them. Or if they knock it down and it lands on them when they are playing in the garden. Therefore, before you let your little one out in the garden, you need to make sure all your tools are safely put away out of your kid’s reach. In fact, you might want to look into getting a shed which is a perfect place to store all your tools. For one thing, it will keep them out of your kid’s reach. And not only this but it will stop them rusting in the bad weather if they are away in a shed. Just make sure you lock the door so that your kid isn’t able to get into the shed and hurt themselves on any of the tools!

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Are any of the plants dangerous to your kids?

It’s easy to pick out plants due to the way they look when you see them in the store. After all, if they look pretty, you think they will be a great feature in your back garden. But while they might look beautiful in your yard, they potentially could be dangerous to your children. After all, they could potentially cause them harm if they get too close. And then they might end up with irritated skin through the plant. Or if your little one is tempted to eat the plant, they could end up getting very poorly. Therefore, to ensure your child stays out of harm’s way, you need to make sure you properly do some research before planting any flowers. You can find a wealth of knowledge online about plants your kids need to avoid. That way, you can stick to family-friendly options which won’t cause your kids any harm. And remember when it comes to growing vegetables, try and keep them in pots which are not accessible for your kids. After all, those strawberries might not be edible yet so could make your child sick. Therefore, grow these in hanging baskets or in a greenhouse you can close shut so your kids can’t get to them easily!

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Is the grass at a safe level?

It’s common for your kids to want to go and play on the lawn during the spring and summer months. After all, they can do fun activities like football while playing on the lawn. But before you let them go outside, you need to make sure that the grass is a safe level. After all, if it’s overgrown, your kid could potentially fall down and end up injuring themselves. And then you will have to deal with issues like grazed knees after they have been playing in the yard! Therefore, to stop this occurring, you should regularly cut the lawn during the summer months. That way, they can play outside without you having to worry about them getting hurt. And you might want to go for artificial lawn as this is safe for your kids to play on. And requires little maintenance so you won’t have to worry about keeping it at a safe level!

Remember to ensure your little one has good shoes on before heading outside. That way, they can keep their feet safe from stones and insects, so won’t end up with cuts on their tootsies.

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