Vision Board


Visualize – to recall, create, or form images and pictures in your mind

I have this goal of making a new vision board for the new me!  It is just hard to decide where to start and what I should put on it so I thought why not share my ideas with all of you.  There is no right or wrong after all it is your vision of what you want and what you are going to manifest in your life, so here it goes!

Vision Board

Vision Board

When I think of my vision board I have all these amazing thoughts and fabulous feelings around it and always come back to the phrase, “this or something better”, and it makes me realize there is no ceiling to what I want or what I can have the only thing standing between me and the vision is myself.

  1. Most importantly you have to visualize your goals already being complete and what it feels like and what your life is like in that moment
  2. Decide what you want everything to revolve around – you, your family, work, money
  3. Be open minded and allowing – if you're attracted to a word, picture, phrase there must be a reason!
  4. Put all your pictures, words, phrases, and whatever else you've come up with together and start cutting, gluing and having fun with it after all its about you and your intentions you want to be in the space of alignment
  5. Place the vision board wherever you will see it most often to remind yourself what you're working towards and spend a couple minutes every day to visualize your goals as already complete

 You can see my Real Momma vision board!

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