Vex Robotics Robotic Arm Review


The VEX Robotics Arm by Hexbug is a fully operational hand powered mechanical arm that operates on 4 degrees of freedom and on a 360-degree base! Using technical gears and realistic physical principles to transfer power through the arm, the VEX Robotics Arm is made up of fully 350 different pieces that snap together without any fuss.

Ideal for any child with an interest in robotics, or just a curious mind, the VEX Robotics Arm uses STEM-based principles for an accurate representation of a real industrial robotic arm!

Features of the Vex Robotics Robotic Arm

  • 14 x 14 x 20 inches
  • For ages 8 – 15
  • STEM based industrial replica
  • Over 350 pieces
  • Full 360-degree rotations

Is the Vex Robotics Robotic Arm Worth Buying?

The first thing you will need to consider with the VEX Robotics Arm is the assembly. This is not a toy ready for play straight out of the box. With more than 350 different pieces and a complicated but detailed assembly to follow, half of the enjoyment of the VEX Robotics Arm is in the construction of it.

The pieces themselves are well made, and they snap together easily.  The fully assembled arm works well and does many things including picking up most objects with its grabbing claw and the 360-degree base allows for full rotations.  The arm is controlled through a series of knobs and levers, and this further gives children the chance to study and learn the mechanics of how the arm works. The VEX Robotics Arm is very much an educational tool as much as it is a toy.

You might be disappointed to find that something described as a robotic arm doesn't actually include any robotics. The VEX Robotics Arm offers children a great learning experience over a robotic arm that comes with a joystick. This toy might not be for everyone, but those with an interest in construction or robotics will absolutely love it.

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