Using Your Son’s Love Of Sport To Boost Academic Achievement


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There is no denying the importance of sports in the delicate ecosystem of a modern school, especially for boys. Being good at basketball or football provides a gifted child with more confidence, popularity, and respect. Moreover, many of those communication and leadership skills can be transferred into the working arena in later life.

With this in mind, parents and teachers are quick to help the last boys picked overcome those issues to lead fulfilling childhoods. But what about the sporty kids that struggle academically? Some kids are fortunate enough to excel in both. However, many athletic children struggle to replicate that success in the classroom.

It’s not through a lack of ability, though. In fact, studies prove the complete opposite; it’s known as bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. It is a blessing that should be embraced and encouraged that additionally promotes positivity on an academic level.

Most sporty boys are blessed with an ability to solve problems, analyze situations, and think in a logical manner. Those skills can be transferred to a variety of academic subjects including maths and the sciences. Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, using sporting situations to explain those problems can be a great way to inspire added interest. The direction, speed, angle, and trajectory of a basketball pass can all be converted to mathematical problems. Finding a way for kids to relate lessons to their favorite activities will suddenly boost their interest.

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If the child in question is particularly gifted, you should also use sporting rewards as an incentive to work hard. Some of the best universities in the world offer full scholarships to athletic kids with the right grades. Given that college football and basketball can be the perfect route to the big leagues, it’s a dream that every sports-mad boy will pay attention to. Even if they don’t go all the way, the achievements in sport and the classroom will promote a far happier future.

To achieve those goals, your gifted boy should take an increased interest in subjects that actively support their love of sports. Again, even if they don’t become an NBA or NFL star, it could open doors to a career in personal training or other practical areas.

Many sporty boys have the academic ideas, but struggle to express them. Acquiring the help of the best essay writing service may feel like cheating to some. In truth, though, it’s just a great tool for transporting ideas onto paper. Losing credits in crucial sport-related courses due to poor flow would be nothing short of a tragedy. Besides, the bulk of their future presentations will come from human interactions anyway.

If all else fails, parents can use sport-related rewards for motivation. New attire, equipment, and tickets to a game can all be fantastic solutions. The effort your child puts in on the field shows that they can achieve great things. They might need a gentle push to discover this in the classroom and with their homework. Once they do, however, success is virtually assured.

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  1. I’m a mother and I have to agree with you 100%. My son loves to play football and even though I hate to see him getting hurt I have no choice but to support him since he loves that sport. Thanks for such an amazing article. Keep it up!

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