Using coupons makes you popular?!


Had to share this one with all of you a great shop today!!  Whoot! Whoot! Yeah me, 49% savings :).

So you might ask how did I do it and what did I buy?  Of course I quickly went through my coupons (I am lucky enough to remember what I have) and made sure everything was current, then I hit the Safeway site!  Checked out their online flyer and their online coupons this week.  I won't bore you with my whole purchase but the highlights were:

  • turkey for .99/lb
  • Woolite zero for .84/bottle
  • wraps 50% off (safeway email direct coupon)
  • electric toothbrush for the kids on 50% off and I had $2 off coupons = $3.99 each
  • pampers wipes 50% off on a box so $8 for a big box!!
  • Orville popcorn when you buy 3 2.99/ea and a 1.50 coupons each!! = 1.49 each
  • Avocados, celery bunches, lettuce, and broccoli 1/ea
  • bag of perigees $2 ea
  • kids snack stuff (nutrigrain bars, rice krispies, all bran bars) $1.25/box after coupons

And that's my shop in a nutshell as you can see card savings were 73.30 and paper coupons 40 for a total of 113.30 a 49% savings!!


What's the best deal you've ever scored?


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