Updating My Ceiling Lights


I've always wondered how much work goes into changing the ceiling lights in the house.  My fixtures honestly look like they are from the 90s and there is nothing wrong with that but I would like to have a more modern look.  If I asked my husband to do it he would probably laugh at me and ask why I find it necessary to waste money when we already have lights that work.  So I'm hoping he isn't reading this blog post and has no clue I'm going to attempt to change them myself.

I have been searching online off and on for awhile now to try and find the perfect fixtures and I keep getting drawn to the chrome ones, maybe just because they're shiny but they're pretty amazing.  I would love to have this one to put up in my dining room.  I keep going back to forth between a few fixtures and can't decide if I want a more chandelier style or sleek.  We have a dark table with leather chairs and a red carpet so either would fit our style.

Don't mind the Christmas decorations but I think this is the only picture I have without the room looking like a disaster.  Back to my lighting dilemma.  I think I'm going to go for it and attempt to change the light myself to something more modern that goes with the feel of the room.  It can't be that hard can it?  I have seen a light fixture changed a few times and I'm sure I can handle it because girls can do anything they put their minds to right!  It will be a learning experience that's for sure.  Once the light is up and hubby likes it he won't be so judgemental or maybe he'll just read this post and decide to do it for me!

Do you think that a light fixture should compliment a room or do you think the lights don't make a difference?

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