Understanding Addictions, Self-injurious Behaviours, and Suicide


Allan Kehler is a professional speaker with degrees in education and physical education who amazingly found his voice after years of perseverance through mental health and addictions.  Over the past few years he has instructed courses regarding addictions in three different colleges.  His passion in the field of addictions has also led to employment as an addictions counselor at an inpatient treatment center where I work with both youth and adults.

Understanding Addictions, Self-injurious Behaviours, and Suicide


Understanding Addictions, self-injurious behaviours, and suicide with Stepping Out From the Shadows is simple.  This book is full of tools, strategies and personal experience that is easy to relate to, implement and a book you won't want to put down.  He works with many parents and strongly believe that this book can assist them with these prevalent issues, and that they can regain control of self in the storm.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Canadian Centre for Addictions and Mental Health.

An overview of what you'll find inside the book:

Chapter 1: Understanding Addictions
Chapter 2: Identifying Addictions in Yourself and Others
Chapter 3: The Impact of Addictions on Family
Chapter 4: Links Between Addiction, Self-Injurious Behaviour & Suicide
Chapter 5: Healing For the Addict
Chapter 6: Healing Yourself When a Loved One is Addicted
Chapter 7: Existing vs Living

If you're the book or maybe some insight into what Allan is all about visit his website Out From The Shadows!  He has some amazing resources and gives you a look at what his life is about.  You can even get a quick glimpse at his presentations! Take the first step in understanding addictions, self-injurious behaviours and suicide with the right tools and resources.


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