The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Dog Ownership


Dogs are loving and loyal, but getting a new pet can be stressful. It takes time for them to get used to you and their new surroundings. To make the transition easier read my cheat sheet on dog ownership.

Dog-proof your house


It's crucial that you go round your house before you bring your dog home and check for anything that could be a problem. If you are bringing a puppy or a lively older dog home, you may want to put delicate breakables out of reach. Its also important to remove anything that your canine friends might see as a tasty snack like flowers which can be poisonous. Make sure you have plenty of toys to keep them entertained so they won't be tempted to chew your brand new sofa or your slippers!


Choose your vet


Another thing you need to do before bringing home your new canine friend decide which vets you will take them to. Get them registered as soon as possible so they can get their shots and a general health check. As with any pets, there are a lot of diseases that dogs are susceptible to, especially if they are going outside. So it's important that you look after their health from the very beginning. Its also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the main problems you might come across with your pet's health. You can find out what are the most common dog diseases at


Pet bed


It's important that you have a place for your dog sleep when you first bring them into the house. Make sure their pet bed in a quiet place, so they can retreat and have some quiet time to get used to being in a new home. It's fine if one member of the family stays with them to comfort them. It's just imperative to not overwhelm them in the beginning.


Puppy cage


Some people choose to use an animal cage for when they are out. This is a large crate that is big enough for your dog to lie down and turn round in. This ensures that they are contained while you are out of the house. You should never leave your dog it's in a cage for extended periods of time, though. Make sure they have food and water and plenty of exercise to stretch their legs as soon as you get home. Not everyone agrees with the use of puppy cages, though, and they tend to be last resort for those dogs that go a little crazy when their owner isn't in.


Get puppy pads

Something that is useful if you have a puppy that is still being toilet trained ispuppy pads. These are like flatten nappies that you put on the floor to catch any toilet training mess. The idea is that they get used to going in one place and your floor is protected. Then you move the pad outside, so they learn to go there.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Dog Ownership

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  1. Choosing a vet is a very important part of dog ownership. You want a vet that offers all the services needed to keep your dog healthy. Thanks for sharing.

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