UGH, What IS That Smell?


Clean homes are important to us all, especially when we have kids. We don't want to risk nasty bacteria getting near our children. As such, we develop cleaning routines and, in some cases, become obsessive in our cleaning quests. It can be frustrating, then, when our hard work doesn’t have the desired effect.

Sometimes, you scrub for hours, but still feel the house isn’t clean. This may be because of an impossible stain, or worse, an unidentified smell. No one likes a stinky home. It’s nauseating and suggests something’s rotting somewhere. But, it’s not always easy to recognize where the smell stems from. So, you continue to live in the stench, and worry about what it’s doing to all your lungs! If you find yourself in this situation, take action. Your cleaning obviously hasn’t been doing the job, so you should look for other solutions. Here are a few places you might want to focus your attention.

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Food should be your first suspect. More often than not, a foodie escapee will be reeking havoc somewhere. It may be that a potato fell down the back of your food cupboard. Nothing’s worse than the stench of a rotting spud! Or, there might be something lurking in the fridge.

It’s a chore, but it’s time to get the gloves on and have a clean through all your food. This is a job we should all do from time to time, so think of it as killing two birds with one stone. Clean your cupboards, checking dates as you go. Spray and wipe the surface before replacing anything. Do the same in your fridge, keeping a particular eye out for old packs of meat!


If you don’t find anything, your appliances should come under questioning. If the smell is damp or moldy, there’s a good chance it’s coming from an appliance somewhere. Look down the drain of your kitchen sink. Food compacted in the u-bend can cause all sorts of unpleasant scents! If the coast is clear there, turn your attention to your washing machine. You’ll be able to tell quite fast whether this is the culprit. Smell your clothes when they’re fresh from the machine. If they smell damp, or musty, you might need to run a cleaning cycle. If everything is clear there, turn to your air con. As this article explains, a smell from your aircon is known as dirty sock syndrome and can be really unpleasant. Take note of whether the smell is more prevalent after you’ve turned the aircon on or off to judge whether this is the issue.

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If all else fails, you may need to clean your upholstery. Washing your cushion and sofa covers might not be ideal, but it may well solve the problem. Your whole family has been using them, so they’re going to get dirty over time. It might even be worth making this a part of your cleaning routine to ensure the problem doesn’t arise again.


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