Turkey Hand Print Craft – Thanksgiving Craft with Kids


Gobble Gobble!! It's turkey time again and what better way to use up those toilet paper rolls you have been saving than by making this super cute turkey hand print craft with your kids! It would make a fabulous centerpiece for your table. As a matter of fact, you could even make one for each member of your family and have a whole flock for your Thanksgiving dinner! You guys know the drill… grab up your supplies and grab your kids and let's have a great time!!

Turkey Hand Print Craft

Turkey Hand Print Craft – Thanksgiving Craft with Kids

Supplies needed:

Turkey Hand Print Craft Supplies


1) Cut a piece of brown paper big enough to fit around your toilet paper roll. Don't worry about getting it perfect; you can always cut away the extra sticking off the end. You can skip this whole step and just use a toilet paper roll if you want. It is brownish and would work without any paper. Unless you're a little picky like me, the lines on the roll would drive me nuts! LOL

Turkey Hand Print Craft Step 2

2) Use your glue stick and cover the piece of brown paper and roll it around the toilet paper roll. I let it dry for a bit after this because it kept wanting to unroll. While your brown paper is drying on the roll, you can get your googly eyes ready, and you still need to cut out the beak and the major caruncles (that is what that red dangly thing is called that hangs by the turkeys' neck). So go ahead and get those cut-out.

Just make a triangle for the beak and cut out a rectangle for the red hangy thing and then cut waves on the side of the rectangle. That's the easiest way I could figure out how to make the red part! Cut two more triangles out of the orange paper and make toes on them for the feet.

3) After you get, that made you can trace your child's hand on the back of the fall colored patterned paper and begin cutting them out. We ended up using 4 different papers, and they all fit on the back of the turkey and looked great. If they are old enough, they can cut their own hands out, and of course, you will want to help the younger ones. Once you get the hands cut out your toilet paper roll should be dry enough to start gluing it together.

Turkey Hand Print Craft Step 4

4) Glue on the eyes, beak and red thing first and then flip over the roll to glue on the handprints. Start by gluing two handprints fingers facing outwards at the bottom of the back of your roll. Then go about an inch and stick on another pair of handprints. Keep going a little farther up until you run out of handprints.

Turkey Hand Print Craft Step 5

5) All you need to do now is add the feet. We made the feet long and then tucked them up and glued them to the inside of the roll at the bottom. Now you have an utterly adorable turkey and a great memory with your kids. These would make a cute gift to take to Grandma and Grandpa on Thanksgiving day!!

Have fun creating with the kids!

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turkey hand print craft

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