Tricks to Get Rid of Stubborn Kitchen Odors


Tricks to Get Rid of Stubborn Kitchen Odors

We have all been there. The chocolate chip cookies that burnt, the bacon that got overcooked, the horrible stench of “the thing” that got left in the refrigerator. How can you get rid of stubborn kitchen odors as quickly as possible? Your kitchen should be a place all your own, where you’re free to cook and gather at any time, but nasty, stubborn odors can quickly make a crowd disperse. The solutions vary, but there are ways to do it. Here is the trick: opt for acidic, ammonia smells that will cut lingering, greasy, and smoky scents out of the way.

Check out these tricks on how to remove stubborn smells in your home.

Just Add Vinegar

As soon as you detect the first faint smell of something lingering around, take it right out of site. This could be the tuna can you just emptied, the vegetable ends moldering on the cutting board or any other food scent. Then, proceed to identify the area that is most affected by the smell, and place a bowl filled with white vinegar there. The scent of vinegar is extremely acidic and pungent. The molecules in vinegar will sort of “eat up” the molecules causing the bad smells, and will eliminate the smell quicker. If the smell is too strong, try boiling the vinegar instead of letting it rest on its own.

Make Your Own Potpourri

A bag of potpourri (dried flowers) will come in handy in any home, and these can be made in batches easily with petals, fruit, cinnamon, juices, wine and even candy! Put the potpourri in water with a cinnamon stick and let it linger in low heat until the smell of cinnamon takes over. If cinnamon is not your smell of choice, try adding orange slices, apple slices, orange peel, lemon peel, and a hint of sweet wine. Let It boil for a while until the smell dissipates. Left over candy, such as mints and even candy corn, add sweetness and boldness to the homemade potpourri. Do not be limited to these ingredients. Red wine and apple juice are also pungent enough to add to the mix.

Gin or Vodka

Do not get carried away when doing this and be sure to use it responsibly, too. Pour just a little bit of vodka or gin, two well-known natural disinfectants with little to no odor (except that of alcohol), and spray into the air. The natural aroma of vodka tends to take over odors that are not as ammonia as the vodka itself. Gin can accomplish the same thing. No alcohol to drink? Try rubbing alcohol from your medicine cabinet.

Open Spaces and Flowing Air

Whatever you decide to use to mask or kill a pungent smell, be sure to do it with your windows open. There must be an outlet for all the composite of scents and elements in the air. Turn on fans, open doors, and keep everything oscillating for at least ten minutes.

Essential Oils

The latest trend in keeping a home smelling like a spa is the use of essential oils. Brands such as doTERRA products offer households the benefit of pure, extracted natural oils without the fear of burning a candle, or even melted wax. What you get is clean, pure smell without chemicals. You also get to select natural smells, such as mint, eucalyptus, lavender, and the ever-soothing citrus. Essential oils usually come in variety packs, so you will not go wrong selecting the right scent for you.

From homemade potpourri to spraying alcohol, to melting essential oils, there is always a cheap, quick way to refresh your home in those dire moments when help is badly needed in the smell department. Try some ways today and see for yourself how you do not need fancy methods to make your home smell fabulously.


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