Transforming Your Bathroom Into A Private Spa


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Your bathroom can be more than just a place for keeping clean. It can also be a place for relaxing – whether you need a break from the kids or simply need to unwind after a stressful day at work. Here are just a few ways that you can transform your bathroom into a private spa.

Let there be light

A dark and gloomy bathroom isn’t relaxing. Find a way of letting more light into the room so that it feels like a bright and happy space. Most bathrooms have poky windows that don’t allow much light in, but there are tricks to help reflect this light. Placing a large mirror opposite a window can help to create the illusion of an extra window and can make the place feel brighter. Switching to white tiles could also help to illuminate the place (although polished ceramic of any colour is likely to reflect the light well). You may even be willing to splash out on a skylight, allowing sunlight to fill the room directly from above.

If it’s not possible to let more natural light in, you could consider simply adding more artificial lighting. By placing spot lighting in dark recesses, you can brighten up the room. A cheaper alternative could be to use track lighting, which won’t require as much wiring. Such work is best done by a qualified electrician.

Refresh your tub

If your bath isn’t comfortable, it could be worth upgrading it to something more luxurious. You could buy a beautiful freestanding tub to make a dramatic impact. Such tubs can feel less claustrophobic than standard baths and can allow a cosier curved shape (the slipper shape is most common). Some designs will have taps at one end, whilst others will have taps in the centre. You could even consider a whirlpool bath, which is pretty much like a miniature hot tub. These tubs are a lot more expensive, but will definitely make bathing time a lot more relaxing. Remember to budget in the cost of extra plumbing – this may not matter much if you’re keeping your tub in the same place, but could make a difference if you’re changing the layout of the room.

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Tap into new ideas

If your taps are old and mottled, it could be worth upgrading them to something more shiny and fresh. Separate hot and cold taps are old-fashioned – modern homes need mixer taps, which allow easier regulation of heat. For something stylish and cool, you could consider opting for waterfall taps. There are all kinds of other stylish faucets to choose from, including pull-down taps and ones that come directly out of the wall.

Whilst upgrading your taps, it could also be worth updating your shower. Most homes now have thermostatic power showers which can regulate heat and pressure, so that you’re not getting scalded or showering under a dribble. Some homeowners are now also adopting multiple showerheads, including a fixed showerhead above and a hand-held one. As with taps, there are all kinds of stylish showerheads to choose from.

Warm your toes

Bathroom flooring can often get chilly in cold weather. Investing in underfloor heating could help to keep your feet warm when you get out the bath. It can also help water spillages to dry more quickly (you may not even need to have a bath mat). Laying down underfloor heating may involve hiring a professional – you can choose to run this heating off of electricity or gas.

Keep your towels warm too

For keeping those towels warm and dry for when you get out the bath, why not also invest in a heated towel rail? These are essentially radiators that can also be used for hanging wet items. On top of hanging towels on this rail, you can also hang wet clothing to help it dry more quickly. There are lots of different towel rail designs to choose from.

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Try some aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a means of relaxing using fragrant scents. There are plenty of air fresheners out there on the market, but you may wish to opt for more natural smells. You could consider buying an oil diffuser – there are lots of oils out there with scents aromatic such as pine, fir, jasmine, sandalwood, lemon and lavender. There’s also the option of scented candles, which could also help to add some ambient lighting as you bathe. Salt rock candles are particularly ambient and are able to dehumidify the air as well as providing a scent.

Use natural materials

To keep your bathroom feeling relaxing, minimise the use of synthetic plastics. You could even take a break from ceramic and opt for more natural looking stones like granite and marble (these materials aren’t cheap, but are certain to bring that luxury feel that you’re after). You may also be able to make use of wood in you bathroom. A wood panelled wall could give off a sauna feel. You could even add small wooden details such as wooden toilet roll holders and unpainted wooden cabinets for a rustic feel. Make sure that any wood is moisture treated to prevent it from rotting.

Add a tropical touch

To make your bathroom feel like your own private paradise, you could add some tropical touches. Many tropical plants like palms, aloe vera, peace lily and spider plant thrive in the low lighting and humid conditions of the bathroom. These plants could be places around the bathroom in pots on the floor or in small pots on windowsills. You can also decorate the room with other tropical reminders such as seashells and stones. All of this may help transport you away from the stresses of everyday life, helping you to relax.

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