Trade Schools for HVAC Lincoln Park MI


If you or a family member is considering trade school for HVAC you probably have a lot of questions.  Maybe you're wondering what the best trade schools for HVAC in Lincoln Park MI are and the requirements for entry.  Or it might simply come down to cost and ease of enrollment.

Luckily Michigan HVAC Pros have done the research and found that Northwestern Technological Institute (Northwestern Tech) is the top choice and we'll explain why.

Trade Schools for HVAC Lincoln Park MI

There are many factors that go into choosing the best HVAC trade school and a great place to start is the graduation and hire rate.  This will give you an indication of the strong relationships the trade school has built with top heating and cooling employers across the state of Michigan and in the greater Detroit area.  When these reputable employers are looking to hire their first call is to Northwestern Tech.

Backed by 40 years of experience and a 93% graduation rate, it is easy to tell why Northwestern Technological Institute is the top choice in the Lincoln Park, MI area.  They provide:

  • a short and focused program
  • affordable tuition and financial aid options
  • convenient scheduling with multiple class options so you can still work and go back to school

This program is endorsed by high school career counselors and Michigan Works.  Students have the opportunity to earn up to 4 national HVAC certifications from seasoned HVAC instructors in a 10½ month hands-on program.  The HVAC program is 100% student-focused to give the one-on-one attention students need to move forward with their careers.

National Certifications

Let's dig a little deeper into what students walk away with after completing the HVAC program at Northwestern Tech.  Graduates will be certified in the following areas:

  1. EPA 608 Universal
  2. R-410a
  3. EPA 609 Auto Air
  4. TracPipe Installation

Being EPA-certified is a specialty certification that employers find highly desirable. Students walk away with real-world HVAC industry experience, so they know what it’s like to work day-to-day in the heating and cooling business.  In other words, students will be highly employable after obtaining certification through Northwestern Technological Institute.

HVAC Student Life

Northwestern Technological Institute is family owned and takes their students seriously, they know you've invested a lot of money into your education and they don't want to disappoint. They offer nine classrooms so classes won't be crowded and each field instructor will give students personalized attention to ensure they'll be a successful HVAC trade school graduate.

Enrolment is easy and can be done by simply setting up an appointment to do a tour of the school and sit down with an academic advisor.  From there you'll receive all the information you need and have the opportunity to set up a budget and student schedule that fits your lifestyle.


Michigan HVAC Pros have done their research! It is easy to see why Northwestern Technological Institute (Northwestern Tech) is their #1 choice.

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