Top Tips on How To Impress Your House Guests


How to Impress Your House Guests

Top Tips on How to Impress Your House Guests

We all want a great home to live and grow in with our families, but another part of having a great house is being able to impress your friends and relatives with. That being said, you can even score some important partnerships at work and gain some new friends if you manage to impress them with your home when you have them over. Impressing someone with your home is not as easy as it might sound however, so we’re bringing you this small guide on how you can improve your home so that anyone walking in will be utterly impressed.

Use exotic decorations

The thing that sticks out the most for people that visit your home is what they don’t have back at their place. In other words, you should invest in exotic decorations like wall fountains and other water features that can mount on the wall. This will add a multitude of effects to the room in which it’s place. It will be a combination of great aesthetics and a very pleasing atmosphere. The ambient sound of trickling water can be ever so soothing.

Different pillows for different tastes

Have you ever seen pictures of beds that have numerous pillows stacked on them? That’s not just for the décor, as there is a practical side to that way of displaying your bed. Different people like different types of pillows so while you might enjoy a rock hard pillow for a good night’s sleep, your guests might prefer something as soft as possible. Offering both these options and a varied selection in between will help them sleep great and have a very good impression of your home.

Bed comforts

There’s nothing worse than being forced to just go to sleep because you’re limited in what you can do right before bed. Your guests are probably used to their own routines before actually going to sleep. Make sure you offer them a large variation of utilities next to their beds. Populate the nightstand with useful items such as an easy to reach lamp and a water pitcher. You can even go hotel style and provide an ice bucket and a bottle of alcohol, especially if you know they fancy it.


There are many ways in which a home speaks about its owners, but nothing does it quite like the book collection. Not so frequent in more modern homes, book cases used to be available by default in every home. Even so, when visiting a home with an impressive book case, you can’t help but look through it and see what kind of literal preferences your hosts have. You can use this to your advantage and impress your guests with your reading preferences. Don’t just rush and buy a hundred books so you would have something to display, as having a generic and obviously just for décor book case won’t do wonders on the impression side.

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