Top Tips for the Elderly to Keep Fit This Winter


With winter now upon us it is no surprise that the older generation are staying indoors more to keep out of the cold weather.

It is therefore unsurprising that many are not exercising as much as they would during the summer months. If you or your parent or friend fall into this category then here are some indoor activities to help you or them keep fit this winter.

Top tips for the elderly to keep fit this winter
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Swimming is a great way to keep fit and is a perfect exercise to do during the winter months. No matter whether you have mobility issues and need to use riser recliner chairs at home or if you suffer from arthritis, swimming puts little pressure on joints and makes it an easy exercise for people of all ages to take part in.

Another great bonus is the fact that there are loads of indoor community swimming pools available, and swimmers can also swim at their own pace and can decide how fast or slow they want to go.


Water aerobics

Sticking with the water theme; water aerobics is another great activity for the elder generation to participate in.

Water aerobics is a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness and to increase muscle strength, which is why water aerobics has become such a popular activity for the older generation to take part in.

Water aerobics can also help people who have had knee, hip or shoulder replacements as it can strengthen the ligaments and muscles around joints.

Check out how else water aerobics can benefit you by looking at this guide on the Medical Daily website.



If you are a fan of Strictly Come Dancing in the UK or Dancing with the Stars in the US and have always fancied trying it, then now is the perfect opportunity to do so.

It is quite common for people that use riser recliner chairs or stairlifts to try dancing as it can help improve balance, muscle strength and the general health of a person’s heart and lungs.

Dancing is a real boom activity and there has never been a better time to get involved, especially if you suffer from mobility problems; there are special classes that have been created to cater for people with limited mobility.



While walking is an outdoor activity, it is still an easy way to exercise during the winter. Unlike some of the other sports in this list there is no specialist equipment needed like dancing shoes or swimming costumes, and all you need is warm clothes and some comfortable walking shoes.

Another great benefit of walking is that you can walk as long or short a distance as you want. Walking also is a great exercise to keep your muscles functioning properly and if you do have any problems walking, then why not take a friend or family member with you on your walk?



Yoga combines a number of different posing and breathing techniques that work on strength, flexibility and balance. It therefore is a great way to keep your body functioning at its best and for people with a disability there are exercises that can be adapted to cater for your needs.

Check out some Yoga exercises and poses here.


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