Top 4 Resources to Help You Care for Your Disabled Family Members



When a family member is disabled, they find it difficult to do some of the simple day today tasks such as walking up and down a flight of stairs, taking a shower and other simple activities. In addition to having a caregiver that will help you with the process of day to day living, you will also need to have appliances and tools that make life simpler.
For a disabled person to have an easy time, they will need mobility. This could mean making it possible for the person to go to the grocery store or simply get upstairs to their bedroom. Also, they need comfort which encompasses a variety of things. Comfort could mean getting a physiotherapist for the person to ease their pain and discomfort.
The person will need assistance to achieve some level of autonomy. This could include guide animals for the visually impaired, human companions and related resources. Bathroom safety is also very important; you want to make sure that the person does not struggle when getting into the toilet. Respiratory assistance is for people that have difficulties breathing will need assistance from these devices. Sometimes people with disabilities will be in pain prompting the need for pain medication. That is a broad outlook on what a person with physical challenges needs on a day to day basis.

Electric wheelchairs

These are supposed to cover the mobility resource. When a person cannot use their legs to get from one point to the other, there is no better way to help them maintain their mobility than these chairs. The perks that come with investing in these power scooters include comfort, which means that the chair should have a sitting allowance that is wide enough. Also, the backrest should be supportive to the back and the armrests should add to the comfort of the hands.
Convenience is of utmost importance. The main disadvantage of a manual wheelchair is that the user has to use their strength to push it from one point to the other. Power scooters on the other hand make moving stress-free and very convenient. Consider also the variety: there are people who prefer three wheel chairs while others prefer the 4-wheel option. Whatever your preference is, make sure that the brand you buy from can meet the need.

Bathroom safety and personal care

The bathroom is another area that presents a huge challenge to people with disabilities. If you want to give them comfort when they are using the room, ensure that you install ramps, railings and other support structures that will help them use the bathroom with ease. In addition, the other resource that you will need is tools to help the person with personal care. If they can’t care for themselves, you can take care of this by hiring a professional to assist them with their day to day cleanup and the likes.

Pain management

There are people that experience a lot of daily discomforts as a result of their disabilities. There are two ways that the problem can be addressed. The first is getting assistance with daily or weekly physiotherapy. If this does not work, there are prescriptions of pain management medications that can be filled out. A reliable Doctor who recommends and prescribes the best medication will be a very useful resource in this case.

Respiratory assistance and general health monitoring

People that have health complications that come with problems breathing, blood pressure, high blood sugar and related issues need constant monitoring. The resources needed here include wearables that will monitor the lungs, heart and other organs for signs of health. An assistant to take the readings will also be useful in this category. With these resources, managing the life of a disabled person will be quite easy.



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