Tlaquepaque, Mexico in an Afternoon


Now that you've explored historic Guadalajara let's take a detour a few kilometers from the city center to Tlaquepaque.  You're in for an afternoon of fun as we hit the unique artisan streets to explore, eat and even find some unique food choices.

Pronounced tlakeˈpake this area is famous for its pottery and blown glass.

Tlaquepaque Welcome Sign

Another typical tourist stop, the welcome sign to Tlaquepaque. The colors are amazing and you can even find some shaded spots nearby to stop and take a rest.


Rumor is some of the best restaurants can be found in Tlaquepaque making it the perfect place to stop for lunch.  Casa Fuerte Restaurante was highly recommended so we had to try it out.  You walk through the doors into a quaint courtyard where you’re seated around a fountain and statues.  The atmosphere is family friendly and the staff is bilingual and attentive to your needs.

IMG 5042

Make sure you enjoy their signature Tamarind margarita rimmed with chili salt and share a few dishes off the menu with others at the table.  They’re known for their chili relleno so if you can’t decide what to get that is a safe dish to start with.


From high end to inexpensive souvenirs Tlaquepaque has something for everyone.  Take a stroll down the pedestrian street and enjoy the colorful architecture while visiting shops and stalls at your leisure.

You’ll be amazed at the unique glass blown art pieces you’ll find in the shops or if you’re into trinkets there are many street vendors who have just what you’re looking for.

Unique Beverages

After you’ve done your shopping why not try something new!  With all the talk of Tequila and Agave in Mexico, a drink you’ll want to search out is pulque.  It is is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented sap of the agave plant. It is traditional to central Mexico, has the color of milk and a sour yeast-like taste.

IMG 5049

Most people drink Pulque as a flavored slushy beverage.  We tried a few flavors with our favorite being mazapan (almond paste) and fresa (strawberry).  While you’re being adventurous with your new beverage why not try some deep fried grasshoppers too!  Believe it or not with a little fresh lime juice and salt they taste similar to a pumpkin seed once you get over the whole “I’m eating a grasshopper”.

Deep fried grasshoppers

For a truly unique and relaxing experience spending an afternoon in Tlaquepaque is a great way to experience the culture, enjoy delicious food and try new things!

You’ll find many restaurants, bars, street sellers and artisan shops to browse in Tlaquepaque so make sure you bring good walking shoes and a backpack.

Join us in our adventures as we board the train to the world's oldest tequila distillery, Casa Herradura.

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